DinnerFitForKings Records, the Latest Record Label to Join the Music Industry, Reaches Out to to Sign the Next Hip-Hop Stars

February 03 18:42 2021
DinnerFitForKings Records, the Latest Record Label to Join the Music Industry, Reaches Out to to Sign the Next Hip-Hop Stars

The music industry has always been among the most illustrious in the world, regardless of where you’re from. Musicians are lucky to be able to build a career doing something they loved. However, it takes more than just talent to make it in the real world. People have to make connections with the right people and the suitable labels to get a chance of making it in the industry, but not everyone has the luxury to join an established label. DinnerFitForKings Records is a record label that provides people with a shot at establishing a music career.

DinnerFitForKings Records is an independent record label born from the mind of one Montavius Clark. Created only recently, Montavius was inspired to create his label from watching Gwendolyn Little and Margaret Ella Wall. Their drive and determination to work tirelessly day in and day outspread to everyone, including Montavius. He wanted to be a source of motivation for others around him. 

When Montavius Clark created his record label, it inspired an entire community to pursue independence. DinnerFitForKings takes a unique approach to the way they do things. Compared to other labels, they have a more hands-on approach to the artists signed with them and their community. The record label is a non-profit organization that provides artist management for the up-and-coming musicians looking to find their footing. 

Primarily appealing to the hip-hop genre of music, DinnerFitForKings can be found outside Charlotte, North Carolina. Montavius assures artists that they receive priority within the company as he believes that the label is nothing without them. 

The first artist signed on with DinnerFitForKings Records is none other than the founder and CEO himself, Montavius Clark. Taking on the stage name Tay Clarks, he recently released an EP titled “A Means To An End” last December. Tay Clark followed it up with a single titled “One Knight Only,” which garnered over eleven thousand streams in its first week in the stores.

Montavius and his team are determined to cement their place in the music industry. They are driven by longevity, dedication, and change. The CEO’s independence, grit, and ability to get the job done separates him from his competitors and inspires others to follow his work ethic. He and his team work around the clock, ensuring that even the smallest details are intact. They take an approach that mixes order with freedom. 

While DinnerFitForKings Records has only been in business for over a month, their influence is undeniably noticeable. Montavius Clark hopes to turn unsigned artists from the community into established high-level musicians. His goal is to bridge the gap in the music industry. Within a few years, Montavius hopes to have the means to create non-profits for the community and host turkey giveaways on Thanksgiving, distribute clothes, bikes, or shoes for children on Christmas, and scholarship programs for graduating students. 

To learn more about DinnerFitForKings Records, you may visit their website. You can also find them on YouTube.

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