BANG BANG Tattoo artist, Bryan Gutierrez, is New York’s “Modern Day Mozart”

February 03 22:12 2021
BANG BANG Tattoo artist, Bryan Gutierrez, is New York’s "Modern Day Mozart"

Extremely fine details a floral lion tattoo.
Bryan Gutierrez, also known as Bryan Gee, designs some of the most beautiful tattoos in the country. His artistry has reached a whole new echelon, sometimes being referred to the modern day Mozart. He works at Bang Bang Tattoo in New York, a world-renowned shop known for tatt’ing up A-list celebrities.

Bryan’s style is something that was learned and expanded upon since his childhood, creating foundation for his creativity for years to come. What happens when you mix advanced geometric lines with stupidly beautiful watercolor design? You get a Bryan Gee piece. It does not require the eye of an expert to notice his level of expertise. Just take a quick glimpse at Bryan’s Instagram, and become mesmerized by the chic pieces in their glory.

Bryan has an immaculate ability to take multiple art forms and mesh them together into a new style. When working with a tattoo artist, it’s important to find someone proud and confident in their work: “I can drop a badass realistic black and grey portrait on your arm or do some dainty color flowers on your ribs & they’ll both look great…” Bryan’s unique styling ability and envisioning makes him one of the top New York tattoo artists.

The marriage of ink and exquisite art. 

Bryan Gutierrez jokingly concludes the interview and shares motivation to the readers: “If you have something that makes you happy, just do that sh-t man & go hard for what you love. Unless it involves like killing people then you probably shouldn’t do that.”

If you’re interested in working with Bryan directly, please contact him at: [email protected] or book him at: [email protected].

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