Sonvera Launches New Range of Boar Bristle Hairbrushes

February 04 16:36 2021

Who doesn’t want a wavy set of hair on their head? For years, humans have found themselves dumbfounded when it comes to reducing hair fall and brushing through thick hair. However, humankind now understands that the beauty and health of hair primarily depends on the quality of the care put into it. It’s hard to develop a healthy crop of hair without fully taking care of the intricacies that go behind the look.

One important accessory individuals need for perfect hair care is a good hair brush. A decent hairbrush can not only put an end to unnecessary hair fall but can also maintain the smoothness required by the scalp. Sonvera, a renowned hairbrush distributor, has made waves in the market again with the launch of their new range of hairbrushes. The hairbrushes are easy to use and come with exciting features for all genders.

The boar bristle hair brush prevents the formation of frizz and helps the scalp produce natural oil. Natural oil made by the scalp itself is the best way to deal with frizz and reduce the rigidity in curly hair. The Sonvera Boar Bristle Brush offers a smooth brushing experience and adds more shine and style to thick hair. Every boar in these brushes is checked for quality and the ultimate objective is to give end users a reliable product to enhance their hair health. The brush comes as a full set including a wood comb, a travel bag and a bamboo hairbrush.

The boar bristle hair brush for men is another one of the many boar bristle brushes on offer by Sonvera. This wooden boar hairbrush helps distribute natural oil evenly across the head and adds natural shine to hair. The brush comes as a full set including a wood comb, a travel bag and a bamboo hair brush. The strong bamboo handle is ergonomically easy to grip as well. On top of this, the brush helps seal split ends and straighten rough hair, without causing any pain or creating any tangles.

The third addition in this new range is the boar bristle bamboo oval detangling and straightening hair brush for both men and women. The brush comes as a full set including a wood comb, a travel bag and a bamboo hairbrush. The brush helps generate a flow of natural oils on your scalp and evenly distributes that across the head. Customers can either use these products on their own hair, or give them as a gift to a loved one.

All three of these new hairbrushes come with sturdy materials and are tested by Sonvera before being sold to customers. Sonvera is excited about this launch and plans to take hair health to a completely different level.

About Sonvera:

Sonvera produces different types of hairbrushes; they all exist for different types of hair and styling methods. Boar bristles are beneficial for hair because they are similar to its structure. Like hair, Boar bristles are made of keratin which most closely resembles human hair. Boar’s hair brushes stimulate the natural oils of the scalp and brush through hair for a silky, smooth shine. The perfect hairbrush for men & hairbrushes for women alike.

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