Chan Lo Dedicated to Helping Minority Communities Learn About Investing

February 04 17:09 2021
Chan Lo is the founder of Chance Trades and He has been featured on Yahoo Finance and Benzinga.

Chance Trades end goal is to provide the public with the knowledge that they seek to potentially be financially literate and free.

Chance Trades started off as a small community of people interested in investing, trading, and learning more about the art of trading as a whole. The community has now grown to more than 9,300 members on Discord, and 11,000 members on TikTok while being associated with some of the largest influencers on social media amassing millions of followers.

Today, Chance Trades is known as a leading source dedicated to helping minority communities grow their knowledge in trading/investing. The owner Chan Lo personally educates minority communities on how to begin their steps towards financial freedom and literacy, while helping them comprehend the concept behind investing. as a leading source in Option Flow Data providing to the retail traders at a more affordable rate compared to competitors. Their state-of-the-art filters are capable of potentially detecting opening trades from the large “whales”, giving retail traders a chance of viewing the large trades within institutions or professional retail traders.

With over 8 years of trading experience, including 6 years in equities and 2 years in options trading, Chan Lo’s most glorifying moment was when he founded Chance Trades. “From a semi-homeless teen, to living in a basement, to owning my first property at the age of 19, was the chance I was given.”

“My goal now is to help those who actually want to put in work to learn the art of trading, or even put in work to succeed itself. We now live in a world where everyone complains about their current situation, but do completely nothing about their situations. I despise cry babies, and I love people with a drive. The world needs more do-ers and less talkers. The only inequality is the inequality in work ethic. This year, I am going to stop entitlement and promote accountability/responsibility.”

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