IonBottles Announces Hydrogen Generator Bottles with SPE PEM Technology and Antioxidant Capability

February 04 20:54 2021
There are two bottle options for customers to choose from depending on their needs. Drinking hydrogen-rich water improves health by increasing energy and eliminating free radicals

IonBottles is proud to announce their hydrogen generator bottles with SPE PEM Technology. When water is poured into the bottle, it goes through an electrolysis process that introduces hydrogen into the water and then eliminates other gases like oxygen and chlorine. This is possible because of the presence of Japanese ionizing technology that includes a proton membrane.  

Drinking ordinary water is great but consuming hydrogen-rich water has antioxidant benefits that can help eliminate free radicals and slow down the body’s aging process.  

Hydrogen-water has similar effects as taking fruits and vegetables. That’s why this bottle is even more beneficial for people who’re active and need instant energy, like during exercising. They can’t eat fruits on the go but drinking hydrogen-rich water will have similar effects.  

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Water is good because it rejuvenates the entire human system and is necessary for almost all the biological and chemical activities occurring in the body. The water from taps or regular bottled water is okay, but it’s full of chlorine and other elements. Also, why drink ordinary water when hydrogen-water has antioxidant capabilities.  

Modern research shows that most of the diseases today have a connection with oxidative stress and free radicals in the body. Even aging comes faster when he body is constantly under attack by free radicals. Stress from work and family life, poor diet, lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking, and environmental pollution all increase the free radicals in the body. Eating fruits and vegetables is not enough because they are not readily available, expensive to buy, and not portable to move around.  

IonBottles producing water infused with hydrogen offers the best solution to increasing antioxidant activities in the body to fight against free radicals. Regular use ensures more energy, better sleep, promotes better blood circulation, detox, increase mental clarity, boosts metabolism, and slows the aging process.  

There are two IonBottles options for customers to buyThe ionBottles™ V8 Ionizing Water Pitcher 2 Liter is excellent for home use, producing hydrogen-rich water for individuals and the entire family. For people who are active and always on the go, the ionBottles™ Hydrogen Generator Water Bottle is the right choice. It is portable, easy to use, and promotes responsible and healthy lifestyles.  

IonBottles come with features that make it the preferred hydrogen generator bottle in the market. The SPE PEM Japanese patented technology is a unique inclusion that allows it to generate clean, quality, and refreshing hydrogen-rich water all the time.  

With the press of a button, the bottle starts an electrolysis process that infuses up to 1.6 ppm (1600 ppb) of pure molecular hydrogen, while expelling all residual waste gas (e.g. chlorine and ozone). It also features Titanium SPE/PEM Dual Chamber Technology, exhaust vent to expel ozone and chlorine gases, stainless steel base and lid, borosilicate glass bottle, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and up to 20 cycles per charge. It is easy to clean and maintain and last longer than most similar products in the market, ensuring great value for money.  

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