Cardan shafts made in China become more and more reliable

February 05 08:24 2021
Cardan shafts made in China become more and more reliable
In the types of mechanical components, the Cardan shaft used in the transmission device is indispensable in many large machinery.

In recent years, the rapid development of China’s machinery industry has led to a great improvement in the manufacturing level of various mechanical parts in China, as well as the level of mechanical performance.

In the types of mechanical components, the Cardan shaft used in the transmission device is indispensable in many large machinery, such as the rolling mill in the steel plants, It is an extremely important transmission component.

Take China’s steel industry as an example, China’s economic prosperity and development promote the rapid increase of steel demand, how to reduce transmission consumption while saving costs, but also increase production, for Chinese steel plants, the demand for a high quality and reliable universal joint shaft is extremely urgent. However, for the Chinese manufacturing industry at that time, another name of high quality and reliability was ‘made in Germany’. Almost all of the world’s first-class and famous Cardan shaft brands originate from Germany. Although there is a large market space for couplings in China, there are also many excellent Cardan shaft manufacturers, such as Wuxi Weicheng Cardanshaft Co., Ltd., which specializes in producing Cardan shafts since 2005. It is a leader in the Cardan shaft industry and is widely praised for its outstanding manufacturing technology and after-sales service. It is also a high-quality cooperative supplier for many large-scale steel plants at home and abroad. Over the past ten years, this company has accumulated rich experience, learned foreign advanced technology, absorbed and applied it, and improved the Cardan shaft a thousand times, so that the structure is becoming more and more perfect and the performance is significantly improved. It always adheres to the ISO9001 quality system, processing equipment “special machine, numerical control”, the quality improved rapidly. But in those years, some large-scale precision and complex Cardan shafts still rely on imports. Although the price of some high-end Cardan shafts like from Wuxi Weicheng Cardanshaft company is lower than that of German brands, its competitiveness is weak. On the whole, there was still a lack of reliability of Chinese Cardan shafts during those years.

But that was almost ten years ago, and now the situation has quietly changed. With the improvement of China’s industrial level and independent R & D level, more and more steel plants put their orders to excellent domestic Cardan shaft manufacturers. Many foreign steel plants also began to replace the Cardan shaft made in China. Cardan shaft made by Wuxi Weicheng is of high quality and is not expensive either. Safe and easy to maintain, the service life and after-sales guarantee are also OK. What’s more valuable is that the company has a professional design team to provide customers with non-standard Cardan shaft customized solutions. The Cardan shaft with optimized structure can increase the bearing capacity of alternating torque by 30%, the coaxial is less than 0.5mm, the running is stable as well. What’s more, the critical speed can reach 4000 rpm. The unique seal design of cross assembly makes the service life of the bearing exceed 12000 hours. Perfect to meet the needs. Cardan shafts made in China become more and more reliable.

Purchasing staff looking to start a business with Cardan shafts will certainly find Wuxi Weicheng Cardanshaft company’s website to meet the needs of any industrial applications. All the information about the company, applicable industries, product pictures and specifications, detailed technical parameters are on the website. There is a contact page that can quickly send inquiries and questions to the mailbox of professional sales.

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