Solar Lawn Lamp becoming more and more popular

February 05 08:26 2021
Solar Lawn Lamp becoming more and more popular
The solar lawn lamp is a Green Energy Lamp, which has the characteristics of safety, energy-saving, environmental protection, and easy installation.

Lawn lamp is widely used and can be arranged on one or both sides of roads in public places such as urban walking paths, residential areas, parks, squares, courtyard corridors, lawns and so on. During the day, it adorns the cityscape, while at night, it provides not only necessary lighting and convenient life, increase the security for residents, but also highlight the beautiful style of the city.

The solar lawn lamp is a Green Energy Lamp, which has the characteristics of safety, energy-saving, environmental protection, and easy installation. When the sun shines on the solar panel during the day, the solar panel converts the light energy into electricity, which is stored in the battery through a control circuit. After dark, the power from the battery runs through a control circuit to power the LED light source of the lawn lamp. The next morning, at dawn, the battery stops powering the light source, the solar lawn lamp turns off, and the solar panel continues to charge the battery, and the cycle continues.

Solar Lawn Lamp has four characteristics.

Energy-saving and environmental protection.

The traditional lawn lamp uses municipal electricity, which increases the urban power load and generates electricity charges. The solar lawn lamp uses the solar panel to convert the light energy into electric energy and store it in the battery, which saves energy and is environmentally friendly.

Easy installation.

Traditional lawn lamp needs to be ditched and wired before installation. Solar Lawn Lamp just needs to be inserted into the lawn using the ground.

High safety factor.

High mains voltage, prone to accidents. Solar cell only 2V, low voltage safety.

Intelligent light control.

The turning on and off of a traditional lawn lamp requires manual control. But the solar lawn lamp built-in controller, through the collection of light signal and judgment controls light on and off.

The design of solar lawn lamp is moving away from low-end, cheap shapes towards more simple, fashionable, and practical styles. In combination with the habits of users and the reasonability of extending the lighting time, 2-3 stages of light-sensitive dimming design are usually designed to maintain high illumination in the crowded period, and gradually reduce illumination in the less crowded period to enter the power-saving mode.

At present, many countries pay more attention to environmental protection. In the United States, Japan, the European Union, and other developed countries, the demand for solar lawn lamp shows a rapid growth trend in recent years. Europe has done better in greening, high lawn coverage. Solar lawn lamp has become part of European green landscape. Solar lawn lamps sold in the United States are mainly used in private villas and various event venues. In Japan and South Korea, solar lawn lamp has been widely used in road greening, park greening and other lawns.

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