The Vegan Beard Care Brand ‘Nikolas B David’ Is Encouraging the Concept of ‘Beard Responsibly®’

February 05 19:42 2021
Nikolas B David’s Notion of ‘Beard Responsibly®’ Sets The Benchmark for Responsible Beard Care Habits.

Upper Marlboro, MD, USA – Established in 2017 by a true beard care enthusiast Bryan Haverly, ‘Nikolas B David’ is an emerging black, veteran-owned, boutique styled, vegan beard care brand, all set to revolutionize how men glance at their beard care routine and habits. The all-vegan, luxurious line of beard care strives to create awareness about how to ‘Beard Responsibly®’ along with proffering a range of products made from the finest quality raw material. Each of the products made explicitly by Nikolas B David empowers men to maintain healthy beard hair all while supporting healthy skin.

With an aim to remain responsible by creating vegan products, ‘the brand thrives in cultivating responsible beard care habits among their customers by lessening their carbon footprint. “Our Slogan’ Beard Responsibly®’ is the manifestation of a solution that I had been in the quest of throughout the time. Trying out several beard oils to end up with a terrible skin that broke out so badly, I decided to take a leap of faith and researched how to create a vegan beard oil. Finally, after years of trial and error, I have managed to flaunt perfect blends of ingredients meant for the beard of all types, sizes, and shapes,” says Bryan Haverly, Founder, Nikolas B David.

Nikolas B David’s incredible products are suitable for all skin types and promote faster, thicker, and healthier beard growth. With an exuberant smell that will tantalize the sensors in the nose, the beard oils are meant to moisturize skin, enriching it with nutrients, leaving it soft and supple.

Chanting the mantra of ‘Beard Responsibly®,‘ the brand has managed to make a stance in the market with its trusted products. It remains on edge to educate people about facial hair maintenance as one boutique-style brand. Significantly, with its re-fill program, the brand takes a step ahead to promote ‘Beard Responsibly,’ enabling its customers to get resupplied with the exceptional products to their doorstep, reducing the usage of environment detrimental packaging.

With three diverse oil weights, Nikolas B David caters to the need of every texture of beard hair, every length of beard hair, and every thickness: Lightweight for short groomed beard or goatee; Middleweight for the mid-length beard that is a bit more full and has a bit more coarse texture; and lastly, the Heavyweight for that epic long and thick beard.

Undoubtedly, Nikolas B David is not just a brand; it is a way of life. To emerge as the go-to brand within as many barbershops as possible nationwide, the brand depicts to its customers every day what it means to Beard Responsibly®. “To Beard Responsibly means to be an activist, be a responsible company, teach men about proper beard care, create a line of products that not only works for everyone but that changes the game. Our color schemes primarily are Grey (#C2C7CB), White, and Green (#4CE60A). We trademarked Beard Responsibly®, and it is our slogan, how our brand operates,” says Bryan Haverly. 

About the Company:

Founded in 2017, Nikolas B David is a proud black, veteran-owned, boutique-styled brand specializing in creating vegan beard care products. Created by Bryan Haverly, a true beard care fanatic, the brand focuses on promoting its trademarked slogan ‘Beard Responsibly®’ in a pursuit to educate people about how to beard responsibly.

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