Transform social media time spending hobbies into a full-time income

February 05 21:39 2021
Jonny West is an expert when it comes to helping people build online “Freedom” business and become an entrepreneur.

Why “Freedom Business?” – Jonny explains that one day while working his 9 to 5 job as a water cooler cleaner, he realized that even though he is getting a paycheck at the end of the month, in reality the tradeoff is giving up on his freedom.

Jonny’s plan was to combine income with freedom, that’s when the idea of starting an online business began to form in his head, A business that will give him more time freedom, location freedom, and financial freedom.

And his Secret to accomplish that? Simplicity.

West’s personal background makes him the perfect person to provide help with building an online business from scratch. In the beginning, everything seemed to be stacked against him: He comes from a small country in the Middle East, English is his third language, and he never finished high school.

But he had a plan. A plan to be his own boss, without a ceiling on his income, or a job that ties him into a specific location.

People told him he would not be able to reach this dream without a university degree.

Believing in his dream, Jonny decided to have a fresh start, away from naysayers, so he immigrated to the other side of the world to prove to everybody and himself it can be done without having anything considered mandatory for success.

Today he has achieved everything he has set out to accomplish. Jonny runs his online “Freedom Business” From the Island of Koh Samui, Thailand, the place he now calls home, where he enjoys more free time to do the things he always wanted to do.

Jonny set himself a new mission, to help others who are seeking to have more freedom in their life, achieve the same by starting their own online business.

Jonny believes that anyone can do what he did, and has taught over 5,000 online entrepreneurs who were already spending hours a day on their social media platform, to turn hours spent on social media into a business that provides a full-time income.

Jonny helps Business owners, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs all over the world reach success by using their social media profile without them having to be an expert.

His advice is to go to the place where the target audience naturally passes most of their time: social media.

Jonny has put everything he learned over the last 7 years, into a book, called “The Social Media Profits Formula” where West provides the stepping-stones for beginners in simple words so everybody can get started. in his own words – “we show anyone how to start a successful online business using nothing but a laptop & an internet connection”.

More information about the book “The Social Media Profits Formula” can be found here:

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