Bee Role Platform is challenging humanity to wake up now and save the planet

February 08 21:30 2021
Bee Role Platform is challenging humanity to wake up now and save the planet

COVID-19 has thrown the world into a craze, but what many may not realize is that they were all doomed before the pandemic had even started. The only way to stop this impending doom? Saving the bees. Saving the world is a daunting task, but Igor Casapu has come up with a delicious, albeit sticky, solution. As founder and CEO of BeeRole, Casapu has set out to connect beekeepers with honey lovers globally by making a platform allied by one driving purpose: to save the bees, a vital task for anyone to be a part of for the environment and world!

Imagining the world without bees is an alternate reality that not many think of – but the creators at BeeRole have, and it is not pretty. Many fail to recognize the enormous impact bees have on each and every human being – and unfortunately, may only recognize it when it is far too late. The most important living “bee-ing” on Earth not only creates this sweet honey that everyone loves so much, but they continue to sustain seventy percent of food, thanks to their pollination. That number may sound daunting, but it is the scary reality people face if action isn’t taken now.

However, with comprehensive bee protection and rescue programs, the world can thrive more than ever before. BeeRole’s mission is to target areas and countries that encounter problems that do not allow bees to prosper in order to protect and stimulate these bee families.

From Zimbabwe to Nepal to Mexico, BeeRole serves honey makers and lovers worldwide! Customers can follow their favorite honey-makers to keep up with their individual journeys while also saving the planet. Beekeepers and honey makers have long since lacked a unifying platform and have been unable to sell their products on a global scale. With Casapu’s online hive, these small business owners finally have a platform that caters to their delightful niche.

BeeRole not only caters to honey makers, but anyone in the business of beekeeping. This platform boasts a diverse range of products such as beeswax products, health and wellness goods, natural and sustainable cosmetics, and even clothing. For every piece of merchandise sold on BeeRole, Casapu has committed to donating one dollar. For each dollar donated by Casapu or individual donors, 100 bees can be saved – and while that number may seem small, each bee’s impact is crucial to human existence.

While people may not personally be feeling the impact of missing bees yet, it is only a matter of time before they do. In addition to the BeeRole platform, Casapu has founded the Two Billion Bees Project which aims to distribute 200,000 hives to 100 countries already feeling the effects of missing pollinators. Through this project, dire issues of food insecurity and plant health can be remedied.

Saving the bees is an issue that has the power to unify every single person on the planet as it affects each and every one of us. Casapu warns, “Living on a planet where everything is interconnected, it is easy to understand why losing our pollinators could lead to disastrous consequences.”

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