Science Teacher and Rapper Sha Vlimpse Drops Thought-Provoking COVID-19 Diss Track

February 08 21:42 2021
Science Teacher and Rapper Sha Vlimpse Drops Thought-Provoking COVID-19 Diss Track

With 27.1 million cases and approximately 460,000 deaths in the United States alone and a staggering 104.2 million cases and 2.3 million deaths worldwide, the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the world as it continues to disrupt people’s lives and the global economy. As society struggles to grasp the magnitude of the situation today, New Jersey science teacher Syed “Sha Vlimpse” went the extra mile to help his students understand the severity of the pandemic through his latest diss track, “CoVlimpse-19.”

Syed, who is also a rising rap artist known as Sha Vlimpse, decided to film a creative COVID-19 diss track, where he quickly addresses the different effects of the pandemic in people’s lives. From switching to online classes on Zoom to being isolated at home due to lockdown protocols, the science teacher took a creative approach combining symbolisms and relatable analogies in his thought-provoking music. Moreover, he took it one step further and filmed an entertaining music video that amplified the track’s story. 

CoVlimpse-19 is a track that tells the story of a sci-fi rapper who traveled back in time to save the world from COVID-19. In the music video, Sha Vlimpse makes an unbelievable discovery, which leads him to develop the vaccine needed to combat the virus. In the story, the vaccine is known as CoVlimpse-19, and it is hidden in the music video. Hence, the ultimate challenge for the listeners is to find the vaccine by playing the music video. The visionary science teacher asks the audience to pay attention to all the symbols that will eventually lead them to finding the vaccine in the video. In essence, Syed’s music video shows his young students and audience a man shackled to his home as he tries to break free from the pandemic and live the life he had before COVID-19. 

Overall, CoVlimpse-19 is a track that seeks to empower everyone to beat the invisible enemy. In the video, the science teacher-rapper Sha Vlimpse emphasizes the need to wear a mask to protect oneself from the virus and live a future where masks no longer need to be worn. 

Indeed, children and teenagers are most affected by the pandemic both emotionally and physically as the lockdown protocols disrupt their social development stage in life. It is undeniable that children have no power to understand the implications of the pandemic completely. With many adults failing to follow safety protocols, it is only natural that children and teens may also fail in following the precautions religiously. Hence, constant reminders that simplify the pandemic’s essence, such as the CoVlimpse-19 track and its music video, play an essential role in spreading awareness and educating others on these matters.

This was the mission Mr. Syed “Sha Vlimpse” accomplished for his students through his music. As a science teacher, he was committed to helping students see and understand the immensity of the situation. He opted to use his voice to spread an important message to the world on how the vaccine plays a crucial role in overcoming this unfortunate pandemic.

To know more about Sha Vlimpse and CoVlimpse-19, you may subscribe and check out the track on his official YouTube channel.

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