Mango Animate CM Helps Create Cartoon Characters Online

February 08 17:38 2021
Mango Animate CM Helps Create Cartoon Characters Online

create cartoon characters online
Mango Animate has revealed its stunning new software, allowing businesses to create cartoon characters online easily.

Users can create cartoon characters online with Mango Animate CM, an animated character maker that has proven to be a useful tool in business presentations delivered to colleagues, superiors, clients, and partners. Using a character to tell a story will allow viewers to become engaged and excited about a project. Mango Animate CM gives creators every tool they need to build an eye-catching character animation that will leave the audience a deep impression and they will want to learn more.

Once the software is downloaded and installed, users are prompted with three options: create a new character from a template, create a new character from a PNG or PSD file, or open and edit an existing project. The software also includes character animation samples and basic tutorials to help new users get familiar with the software program before moving forward with a project.

Choosing to work with a pre-made character template saves businessmen time to work on other projects. To create cartoon characters online from a template, users will first pick a pre-made human or animal character. Since these characters are fully-rigged, users don’t have to worry about adding bones and they can easily edit them for more customized poses and movements. Mango Animate CM allows users to change their cartoon characters’ appearance to something more professional to perfect the business presentations.

While creating cartoon characters online, users can add pre-made clothing and accessories like a suit, glasses, a briefcase, shoes, and much more. They can even edit details like hair, eyes, and facial features to design characters that reflect themselves or colleagues. Mango Animate CM provides unlimited customization options for users coming from all industries and backgrounds to create cartoon characters online.

Within the animation editor, the timeline feature allows users to control the playback of their characters’ movements. This way, each action can be designed with total precision and accuracy. Plus, with the help of Mango Animate CM’s intuitive IK (Inverse Kinematic) feature, characters will move logically and naturally to facilitate a smooth business presentation from start to finish.

“Our new software allows users to create cartoon characters online with plenty of options for personalization, ” says Ivan Leung, CTO of Mango Animate. “You can even add your own custom voiceover to give your presentation a much-needed audio component.”

To learn more about Mango Animate Character Maker, please visit Mango Animate.

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