HereBunny Publishes Exhaustive Report On Pet Bunny Ownership In The World

February 08 23:27 2021
Bunny Care Specialists Provide Deep Dive Insight Into Global Bunny Pet Market

Reputed bunny care expert HereBunny released their detailed analysis of the global bunny pet market. Titled “A Report on Bunny Pet Ownership in the World,” the report presents multiple insights about pet bunny breeding and ownership across the world.  

Pet bunnies have become the third most popular pets in the world today. With the New Year approaching, many families choose to bring home pets. The coronavirus pandemic too has played a role in increasing public interest in pet adoption. Pet bunnies rank on the top of the list of animals to choose from.

However, a report on pet bunny ownership in the world shows that pet bunnies often receive the shorter end of the stick and are neglected or abandoned within months of ownership. This research report comes at the right time and highlights the growing need for better pet bunny purchase/adoption management. 

When questioned about this, HereBunny CEO Abby Adkins had this to say, “We have taken great care to provide hard-hitting insights about the pet bunny breeding, ownership and care behaviors exhibited across the world today. We believe the facts and findings in this report will help bunny rescue centers and ethical breeders find good forever homes for their bunnies. HereBunny also believes this report will help pet parents take mindful bunny adoption/purchase decisions which will have a positive impact on the animal.”

The comprehensive content list of HereBunny’s “A Report on Bunny Pet Ownership in the World” includes various aspects of bunny pet ownership, such as:

  • Countries with the highest bunny breeding rate.
  • Snapshots of pet bunny markets from around the world.
  • Bunny breeds recognized by international organizations such as the American Rabbit Breeders Association.
  • Popular bunny breeds preferred by pet shops and pet buyers.
  • Pet bunny physical characteristics preferred by pet enthusiasts.
  • Cost of maintaining pet bunnies, compared to other pets.
  • Pet bunny health and happiness.
  • Global pet protection and animal rights laws that protect pet bunnies.

About HereBunny

HereBunny is a leading bunny behavior and care expert headquartered in Columbus, OH. The company’s focus covers multiple rabbit and hare breeds from around the world. HereBunny provides information-rich content on bunny behavior, care, feeding, and maintenance that is geared towards both inexperienced and veteran bunny pet owners.

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