Diamond Painting: The Latest Arts and Crafts Activity Taking the World by Storm

February 09 04:51 2021
Diamond Craft is a family run and owned business with a mutual love for crafting and a goal to turn their passion into something that can be shared with the world.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States – While people have been staying at home and practicing social isolation, diamond painting has exploded in popularity throughout the US, and around the world. The pandemic has led to a significant increase in home-based activities such as painting and crafting. These activities are especially useful in keeping bored children occupied while at home for long hours, and have proven to be a healthy escape for adults looking for new ways to decompress from their busy daily life.

The owners of the company launched Diamond Craft to offer a creative and unique way for people to unwind and relax through art, without any prior skill or experience needed. Their diamond painting kits are easy enough for adults of all ages to enjoy and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colorful designs. Customers can even create their own custom designs as well as turn their favorite photos and images into diamond paintings. The management at Diamond Craft has spent countless months combing the world for the best suppliers, manufacturers, and artists, and are extremely happy with their final products.

Diamond Craft takes pride in its customer service and product quality. One of the things that sets them apart from their competitors is their premium packaging, which is specially designed to make sure that their canvases arrive to their customers in perfect condition, without any creases or folds. Their in-house quality control team regularly inspects the quality of their canvas, materials, tools, diamonds, the clarity and legibility of the instructions, and all corresponding symbols, as well as the quality of the glue to ensure that it is sufficiently adhesive. Any products that do not meet Diamond Craft’s standards are not passed onto any customers.

With the happiness of the customer at heart, Diamond Craft is always looking for ways to make their Diamond Craft Kits better. They work with multiple artists so they can add exclusive, new diamond paintings to their shop each week for customers to enjoy in their homes. To offer impeccable quality control, Diamond Craft has dedicated staff members that personally ensure that each diamond painting kit includes all the equipment and diamonds required to complete the painting so that no customers feel any type of disappointment or dissatisfaction from their purchase.

Apart from their customer service and quality control, Diamond Craft is also a socially and environmentally conscious brand. The management understands the devastating effects that plastic has on the environment and so they actively work to offset their carbon footprint as much as possible. All their diamond drills are eco-friendly and made using recycled plastic. In terms of giving back to the society, and reducing their carbon footprint, they also donate a percentage of their profits to organizations that remove plastic waste from the oceans.

Considering the impact of the pandemic on the world, and lockdown situations in most parts, Diamond Craft is the perfect companion for people to spend their time, and perhaps even bond over a healthy and fun exercise in these trying times.

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