911 Tribute Song Brings Closure To The Victims’ Families, Mommy Where Did Daddy Go, From The Album Valley Of Decision Available On Amazon

February 09 05:51 2021

Every now and then there comes along something so profound that it changes the world, and we are witnessing that right now. Paul Mills, a singer/songwriter from Arizona has just released a ground breaking album called Valley of Decision. Finally, true songwriting is back. The album takes the listerner on a journey of life from the opening Rock song Valley of Decision to the ending song, When It’s All Said and Done. Paul’s music is a flashback to the 60’s with a cool retro vibe and melodies reminiscent of the Beatles. A song called Heh Richman deals with the subject of money, and sounds eerily like the late John Lennon. There are 11 songs on the album and each one will dazzle the listeners ears. One song in particular called Mommy Where Did Daddy Go pulls on the heart strings of America which is going through some difficult times right now.

Everyone remembers where they were on that fateful day on 911. A day America will never forget, a day that would change countless lives forever. So many people suffered that day and lost family members, friends, co-workers and loved ones. But over the years people still have been suffering, especially the children who lost a parent during that dreadful day.This year marks the 20th anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center buildings in NY City. There really hasn’t been a song written to address the suffering of the children until now. Paul just released the first single from the album a tribute song called Mommy Where Did Daddy Go, “about a little boy who lost his father on that horrible day,” The song is very emotional and will bring tears to many peoples eyes.

The offical music video can be seen here on You-Tube: https://youtu.be/4stBKcGuMG8, Twitter: https://twitter.com/2020_breaking and also a Go Fund Me Page to raise awareness for the song: https://www.gofundme.com/f/911-tribute-song-mommy-where-did-daddy-go?qid=629270859fde727bdfa1946909a293c2

The album Valley of Decision is available for sale now at amazom.com, I-tunes, Spotify and over 40 different online retailers:


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