Restrictions, Lockdowns and Business Closures Wreak Havoc on Mental Health

February 09 11:06 2021
Restrictions, Lockdowns and Business Closures Wreak Havoc on Mental Health
Amid the many challenges faced by the public through the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, Virtuous Circle Counselling believes that now more than ever it is important to be compassionate not only to others but to oneself.

A variety of options are available to address feelings of lowered self-esteem and the moment-to-moment issues that may be flooding a person’s mind and causing them to feel wholly overwhelmed. Virtuous Circle Counselling offers mindfulness therapy as an effective solution to these ailments that can assist individuals in developing a powerful and focused approach to looking at the world around them.

A more sedentary lifestyle due to gym closures, remote work and self-quarantining has induced additional stress and mental health challenges to the public. In an effort to combat symptoms the World Health Organization has recommended 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week. While physical activity is an important contributor to a settled mind, there are other applications that can be put into practice to benefit those who are struggling.

Mindfulness Therapy has been shown to improve well-being, help people fully engage in the activities of daily living and has proven to reinforce the constructive attitudes that contribute to a satisfying life. Virtuous Circle Counselling aims to educate the mindful thinker on how to better regulate their emotions, shift thoughts towards a positive light and bring the thinker back to the present moment. Letting thoughts ruminate on things that have already happened can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety, the same is true when worrying about the future and lingering on what could happen.

So, how can practicing mindfulness with Virtuous Circle Counselling be beneficial?

Mindfulness is considered as a supplemental treatment for depression as it can assist with a decrease in symptoms such as anxiety and stress. When a person is better able to identify their emotions they will have a higher ability to regulate themself, this will improve their coping and depression management skills.

New realities such as working from home, unemployment, lack of exercise and reduced contact with loved ones have taken their toll on physical and mental health. For those suffering from anxiety, elevated stress levels or feelings of panic, Virtuous Circle Counselling can assist them in enhancing their emotional well-being.

In addition to the multiple mental health benefits, an overall improvement of general health has been noted. This is due to increased feelings of self-worth that encourage those in practice to be physically active, avoid substance abuse and keep up with their regular health check-ups and appointments.

Increasing compassion for oneself will increase non-judging and non-reactive skills, this leads to compassion and understanding for others and the recognition that everyone is in this together. Those who would like to implement the practice of mindfulness can visit Virtuous Circle Counselling to see how the practice can benefit them not only during the pandemic but throughout the rest of their life.

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