Mindfulness and Breathing App Respire Helps Users Feel Calm, Find Focus, and Improve Lives

February 09 21:33 2021

In the midst of a global pandemic and worldwide financial crisis, there are more reasons than ever to feel anxiety and stress. The truth is, mindfulness often feels like a moving target when it already seems difficult to stay focused, relax, or fall asleep. This is where Respire comes in. Respire is a mobile app for people looking for breathing exercises and help with meditation. Available for download on iOS and Android, Respire is committed to helping users regain a sense of inner peace and master the techniques that help them get there.

Respire works by having users first set a daily goal. Getting started is often the most challenging part, so users can set very short goals as they learn to navigate the app and get accustomed to mindfulness and breathing exercises. From there, users can select from breathing sessions designed to promote sleep, energy, calm, or relaxation. The app also features guided meditation sessions and exercises that help users find stillness within themselves and focus on their breathing. To take their practice to the next level, users can set daily meditation goals, track their progress, and even track their mood. Respire will guide users through breathing exercises to help users regulate their moods and oxygenate their bodies.

Respire is particularly helpful because it is easy to use and can be accessed anywhere, any time. Many other mindfulness apps cost money, but Respire is free for download, meaning that no person will be limited from increasing their inner peace due to financial limitations. Respire provides users with the opportunity to take an important step toward improving their physical and mental health and building a life centered around mindful living.

Respire is available for download for iOS and Android. To learn more about Respire, please click here.

About RespireSpace

RespireSpace and the Respire app were created by Shailesh Mamgain, an experienced software engineer and product developer. This beautiful app was designed to bring moments of mindful breathing to users’ lives by teaching them breathing exercises, meditations, and Pranayama for better sleep, anxiety management, and focus. By setting small goals to start, users can build a more mindful lifestyle for themselves simply by using the Respire app.

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