New Fantasy Book 2021: Author M.K. Baker launches ‘Gathering Wise’

February 11 00:21 2021
New Fantasy Book 2021: Author M.K. Baker launches ‘Gathering Wise’

Author M.K. Baker has announced the release of his debut novel, Gathering Wise, the first installment of the Trip series. Baker offers a refreshing take on fantasy with a creation story that balances expert worldbuilding with relatable, engaging characters. He was inspired to write by his daughter and his lifelong love of fantasy.

Gathering Wise follows the life of young Perl as she awakens at the dawn of time by the base of the ancient Bodhi tree, the last remaining source of life-giving fruits of wisdom. She’s visited by a mysterious deity named Ohm, who eases her awakening before giving her a critical task. Perl must select twelve primitive beings to receive the blessing of self-awareness and join Perl in godhood to lay the foundations of civilization.

Although Gathering Wise is intended for young adult readers older than 13 years of age, readers of any age will find something to enjoy in Baker’s exhilarating epic. From the quick pace to realistic dialogue, Baker has created a unique fantasy world without straying too far from beloved conventions of the genre. By drawing upon pop culture as inspiration for the mythological creatures, Gathering Wise is familiar in the best way without compromising on the distinctive creative traits that set it apart. 

Early reviewers rate Gathering Wise highly as an easy, though compelling, read. Fans of Phillip Pullman and J.R.R. Tolkien will appreciate Baker’s ability to introduce an entirely new world in a natural way. It’s indisputable that Baker is a strong new voice on the epic fantasy scene.

M.K. Baker is an author and work-from-home father of two. When he isn’t writing, he continues expanding the world of Trip through other creative pursuits. Baker is the illustrator of the full-color ebook and the narrator of the audiobook. He is currently hard at work on an animated version for YouTube. Baker lives and writes in a small town in Colorado.

Gathering Wise is available for purchase on or wherever books are sold. Sequels are currently in development.

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