Empowering The Her in You Through The Maggette Collection

February 11 02:00 2021
Dominique Maggette used her personal story and adversity to create an empowering line of make-up that helps people remove their masks and embrace who they really are.

It’s make-up with meaning. A Domestic-violence survivor and motivational speaker, Dominique Maggette created the faith-based make-up line in her namesake to inspire people. The line is cruelty-free and helps people to look their best even when they don’t feel worthy or are looking to create a different persona. Based on her personal trials and tribulations, Dominique Maggette was inspired to help herself and other people change their lives one make-up application at a time.

“I’ve been there, I am HER  I know what it is like to use make-up as a weapon, not only to trick others into perceiving me as someone I wasn’t but to use that weapon upon myself. Now, this make-up line helps people embrace who they are. It is about accentuating our own natural beauty and being comfortable in our own skin, flaws and all,” said Dominique Maggette. 


The Maggette Collection sells a variety of shades and products to help diverse groups of people feel beautiful from the inside out. The line offers a wide range of lip, cheek, skin, eye, and highlighter products that are not only affordable but also help to support a black-owned and woman-owned business.

“I want people who buy my products to know that they are already HER . While they are supporting my vision, they are also doing something for themselves. They are creating their own story and showcasing their own beauty by addressing the past with their best face forward,” finished Maggette.

The Maggette Collection wants people to use the product line as a way to accentuate their natural beauty to attract others to the real person – the inside self. The makeup line isn’t to be used to create fake personas or to cover up for a less than satisfying life. The Maggette Collection wants people to be bold, to be poise and to accept their own unique version of beautiful.  Too often, the beauty industry sets not only unrealistic standards of beauty but creates trends to have people looking alike. The Maggette Collection is different because it believes everyone is unique and it is that uniqueness that truly is beautiful.

Members of the media are invited to request product samples and interviews with Dominique Maggette. Ms. Maggette is available to speak about her past, the inspiration for her namesake beauty line, and how she helps to inspire people to live  their truth and wear make-up that reflects who they really are, honoring the HER in them.

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