FUNdamentals for Foster Care Devoted to Improving Lives of Foster Children

February 11 14:27 2021
FUNdamentals for Foster Care Devoted to Improving Lives of Foster Children

Research shows that less than 4% of former foster children graduate from higher learning institutions in the United States. This trend has caused a decline in the quality of living and employment among many former foster children. One organization, FUNdamentals for Foster Care, hopes to increase that number by providing foster kids with the tools they need to level up their education.

FUNdamentals for Foster Care or FundFC is a 501c3-status non-profit organization that seeks to improve the educational experience for those currently in foster care. Their primary mode of reaching this goal is by providing children with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) toys that help enrich their learning experiences. The company formally launched as a registered organization back in September 2019 and has reached significant milestones since then.

The non-profit began through the efforts of Cheryl Williams, who graduated summa cum laude with a degree in early childhood education. Serial entrepreneur Anna Kullmar joined Cheryl as a board member in early 2020 to pitch her innovative ideas as to how the organization operates. The third member of the team behind FundFC is education and adoption advocate Mindy Boulton. Ronnie Hurst, runs partnerships and teams up with toy stores and adjacent non-profits to increase the amount of impact that FUNdamentals for Foster Care has on the community. Last but not least, Fatlum Rashiti has recently added his nonprofit media consultant expertise to champion for the orphans.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the non-profit has grown immensely in funding, impact, and partnerships. “As soon as COVID hit, we expected donations to decline,” admits organization executive director Cheryl Williams. “Yet in April 2020, we received over $1,000 in donations. In July 2020, we received over $5,000 in donations.”

As the organization continued to hit all-time donation highs through the generous and selfless support of partners and donors, word has now spread of FUNdamentals for Foster Care and their work to further solidify a brighter future for children in foster programs. FundFC puts a premium on providing STEAM toys to children due to its effectiveness in keeping kids engaged in their education, especially during transition times.

The charity was invited to set up a booth during Oscar’s week 2021! Over 100 celebrities and movers and shakers will get to hear about how they can make a difference in the lives of orphans in the US by providing foster youth with the educational tools they need to perform better at school. Founder Cheryl Williams will be on LA talk radio, the Start-Up, on January 10 explaining how one can get involved in charity work. 

Currently, FUNdamentals for Foster Care just re-launched a referral program that showed immense success earlier this year. There are over 400,000 children in the foster care system, with one new child entering the program every two minutes. While the work is extensive and the goal daunting, FUNdamentals chooses not to waiver in its commitment to further better the lives of children in America by giving them a chance at a better life through proper education.

To learn more about FUNdamentals for Foster Care, and partner with the organization, check out its website and Facebook page.

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