Grows Subscriber Base by Over 100x in 2020

February 11 14:45 2021
Reset, the First “Two Days a Week” Weight Loss Program, Saw Dramatic Growth in Popularity During 2020.

Reset, a technology startup based in San Francisco, announced that it grew its paid subscriber count by 109x during 2020.

Reset’s “two days a week” weight loss program, launched in 2019, is a first-of-its-kind in the $70B U.S. weight loss industry. Reset’s program is based on a scientifically-validated eating system and requires members to change how they eat just two days a week.

“The weight loss industry hasn’t fundamentally changed in 20 years, despite rising rates of obesity and convincing research showing that daily calorie restriction diets almost never work,” explained Jack Pinto, Reset’s Founder and CEO. “The market leaders, like Weight Watchers and Noom, expect busy people to watch and change what they eat seven days a week. This just isn’t realistic for most.”

Reset’s novel weight loss program relies instead on a well-researched weight loss technique called intermittent energy restriction (IER). Under this protocol, a person eats normally most days of the week, without making any effort to restrict calories. On two or three low-calorie days spread throughout the week, they restrict calories aggressively and focus on small portions of high-protein foods.

“You can think of Reset as a Weight Watchers-like program that you only have to follow two days a week,” says Pinto.

Reset says that subscriber growth has actually accelerated further during the first two months of 2021.

Check out to learn more about the program and get a personalized weight loss estimate.

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