How can 3D printing technology drive down the prices of goods

February 11 18:00 2021

A social survey has been conducted with only one question, ‘What would a person do if one got a one-way ticket for time travel?’ The outcome shows that most people would rather visit the future than go back to the past. It seems that people do appreciate the high quality as well as the convenience of modern life. Nowadays, people also live much longer because of advancements in technologies that serve them in many aspects of their lives.

This article will discuss factors that affect the reduction of prices of goods and commodities and the impact of 3D printing technology on the availability and reduction of the prices of goods now and future.

Industrial Revolution

It began in the United Kingdom in the 18th century and later in many other parts of the world. It was a significant social and economic transition to new manufacturing processes. This transition included going from hand production methods to machines, use of steam power instead of human or animals, and mass production of iron and chemicals that helped to make necessary tools for every industry. The industrial revolution was responsible for population growth and a significant boost to the global economy.

Economic Globalization

With advanced communication, transportation and a decrease in shipping cost, manufacturers were able to reduce their running cost by relocating their factories from high-cost to low-cost countries, in a free market, without barriers and tariffs to international trade. The cost-saving can be passed to the consumer.

The main factor that affects the price drop of the goods for consumers is the ‘On-line Revolution’, which has been a real transformation from every aspect: communication between factories and supply chains, between the consumer and manufacture and change of the purchasing method by the consumers from off-line to on-line. The saving from the rent of shops, various bills, and sales staff made the products much cheaper than they used to be.

Revolution in R&D and Decentralization of Production

R&D is the most critical and expensive aspect of every industry. 3D printing is a handy tool to reduce both time and cost to obtain and carry out the R&D. The rapid prototyping capability is like magic for engineers. It allows engineers to transform their ideas and designs from digital data to a physical product overnight. Reducing the cost of R&D will enable the company to lower their selling price of new products. The other use of 3D printing technology is the Home Use. It allows them to save thousands of dollars by creating the items they made or need, such as phone cases, toys, safety razors, and almost everything.

How does Tesla use 3D printer technology to reduce costs?

3D printed customized parts have been found inside of the new Tesla Model Y. Mr. Munro has explored two aspects of the Model Y: the mysterious “Octovalve”, which is part of the heat pump system, and the HVAC unit. By using 3D printing technology solution, the production line can save huge amounts of time and cost, that is one of the reasons Tesla can reduce their selling price every Year.

Tesla’s financial report showed that a considerable reduction is parts in the Model Y, from 70 to just two parts, and eventually a single piece of metal. This can only be achieved by modern CAD-CAM technology.    

That is not only reducing the cost of manufacturing, which is also going to improve weight and performance significantly.

The current underbody part made of 70 different components

The generatively designed underbody, made of 2 and eventually 1 single piece.

Can 3D printing technology drive down the cost of the 3D printer?

Apollo 3D is a Sino-European innovation technological company. The company has maximized the advantages of 3D printing technology to manufacturing 3D printers, from the design stage, product testing, prototyping, and improving by 3D printing technology. In the production line, most of the technological equipment and fixture are also 3D printed, which will help the production line improve efficiency and improve quality much faster than the traditional production line.

Using 3D printing technology to develop 3d printers

One of the most amazing features in manufacturing Apollo 3D printers that it is purely designed and produced by 3D printing technology. So, Apollo 3D printers are the actual product of 3D printing technology.

As a result of using this method to produce this advanced 3D printer, the cost of plug and play 3D printers has reduced dramatically. Therefore, 3D printers more affordable and accessible and allow people to transform their ideas into reality.

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