Entrepreneur mom launches proven course for mama entrepreneurs to conquer work-related mom guilt

February 12 07:33 2021
A passionate mom-entrepreneur is offering a digital course for fellow mompreneurs to enable them to overcome their working-mom guilt while staying committed to their business.

Hilo, Hawaii – February 12, 2021 – Mama entrepreneurs struggling to maintain a fine balance between work-life and parenting can finally heave a breath of relief. A passionate mompreneur and life coach, Sarah Fui, has recently launched an online  challenge program for mom-entrepreneurs to help them overcome their constant work-related mom guilt. Titled “The 21 Day Conquer Mom Guilt Challenge for Mama Entrepreneurs”, the course assures to provide a proven path to conquer mom guilt without compromising on the passion for business or professional life.

In the digital course, Fui provides 21 days of step-by-step action plans to conquer mom guilt. She tells exactly what one needs to do every day in daily emails for 21 days. She provides support and accountability to make sure fellow mompreneurs stay on track with the action plan. It’s a very simple and straightforward program with no confusion and immediate results.

(In Frame: Sarah Fui)

“Mom Guilt is real and something that almost every mother experiences. Unfortunately, the problem gets amplified 100x when you are a working mom, and more so when you are an entrepreneur. It’s especially hard for mom entrepreneurs as the job of an employer is always more elaborate compared to that of an employee. Moreover, if you are doing it alone, you have to handle multiple aspects of your business single-handedly. Such a schedule leaves you with constant struggle to find that sweet spot balance between building a successful business and spending enough time with your children. That very ‘balance’ is hard to master and the struggle eventually leads to serious work-related mom guilt. This is where our ‘The 21 Day Conquer Mom Guilt Challenge for Mama Entrepreneurs’ will come to help”, stated Sarah Fui. 

Mom-entrepreneurs participating in the challenge will be able to learn –

  • How to make more meaningful connections with their children in less time (It’s about quality, not quantity!)
  • How to pump productivity in limited work hours
  • How to prioritize their time
  • How to overcome their unrealistic expectations 
  • How to be fully present with their children

Fui herself is a homeschooling mother of 4 young children and an entrepreneur. A woman of many parts, she is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Life Coach/Therapist, Author as well as a Singer and Songwriter.

While asked about the inspiration behind the course, Fui stressed it was her own work-related mom guilt which motivated her to find a way to feel successful in both her business and as a parent simultaneously.  

“As a mother and entrepreneur myself, I know how miserable the work-related mom guilt can be. Fortunately, with my knowledge of child development and parent-child bonding, combined with my own personal experience, I have been able to dig out a proven path that will enable all mom entrepreneurs like us to overcome work-related mom guilt- without sacrificing the pursuit of our passions.”

For more information, please visit https://www.sarahfui.com

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