HubioID and Onemata Data Partnership Aims to Provide Brands with In-Market Data with Actionable Insights

February 12 22:39 2021
Strategic partnership better positions brands for a cookieless future by seamlessly integrating user behavioral data into digital campaigns.

CHICAGO, IL & DENVER, CO – February 12, 2021 – Onemata, a next generation enterprise data solution provider, has partnered with HubioID, a leading MarTech provider, enabling brands to tap into their first-party data. This unique partnership better positions brands for a cookieless future by seamlessly integrating real-time user behavioral data into digital campaigns.

HubioID provides value to its clients by empowering them with their own first-party data and connecting that to online user shopping, interest, and other engagement insights. Its technology converts anonymous site visitors into paying customers and connects consumers with the products and services they want. Through their unique partnership with Onemata, HubioID can now offer retailers the ability to identify their clients’ anonymous traffic and associate targetable identifiers such as hashed emails and MAIDs and incorporate this data into their digital campaigns, improving targeting and ROI.

“We are very excited about our partnership with Onemata because it allows brands to be ahead of the curve in the digital advertising ecosystem by being less reliant on third-party data and more reliant on their own first-party data,” said Tural Bayev from HubioID. “Retailers are able to re-engage with site visitors through targeted advertising and greatly increase their sales efforts and revenues.”

With Onemata’s behavioral insights solution at the core, coupled with HubioID’s proprietary identity resolution technology, brands can now connect their website visitors and app users with real-time insights into user interest and in-market signals. Users can automatically incorporate their visitors’ anonymized markers such as hashed emails directly into an existing custom audience in their Facebook ad campaign, creating huge time savings from the manual process and no longer adding short-lived cookie IDs via the Facebook tracking pixel. Onemata and HubioID have integrated in a close to real-time capacity allowing for increased ROI for HubioID and its clients.

“With a mutual shared mission to bring efficiency, growth and higher quality first party data to businesses of all sizes, the partnership between HubioID and Onemata offers an extremely valuable asset for SMBs. HubioID is an extractor of website information while our technology converts this information into high-value data that can be used for highly targeted and effective advertising,” said Craig Smith President of Enterprise Data Solutions at Onemata. “This partnership will not only change the way retailers are able to re-engage with visitors, but also sets a precedent for cookieless advertising that encourages better privacy practices across the industry.”

About Onemata

Founded in 2017, Onemata is trusted by people and businesses as their data and analytics partner for their derivative product development, marketing, sales, and recruitment teams. The company works from a privacy and regulatory compliance first framework and is building the world’s most comprehensive graph of people, locations and online behavior. With a focus on data transparency and quality, Onemata is dedicated to help businesses of all sizes cross the data divide.

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About HubioID

HubioID is a leading identity resolution provider enabling brands to easily identify, own, and control their first party visitor data. Based in Chicago, IL, HubioID is leveling the playing field of the retail data industry as they empower brands to truly “OWN” their data and increase ROI on ad spend within retargeting campaigns. As the industry shifts into a cookieless world, HubioID provides an essential solution to brands needing to modernize their data strategy.

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