Viral TikTok star Dakota Elder gets his big break with 4 million followers

February 12 22:54 2021
Utah-based star Dakota Elder rose to fame gaining 4 Million followers in less than 6 months on TikTok.

St George, Utah, USA – TikTok Mega Star Dakota Elder started his TikTok account in April 2020. His accident during a Red Bull shoot gave him the time and opportunity to give TikTok a shot. It took him a week to figure out the algorithm and get his first million viewed video. Even though he did not foresee this happening, he ended up gaining 400k followers in just his first month.

There is no doubt that the social media platform is filled with drama and cloud chasers, Dakota chooses to stay away even though he has seen a lot of videos talking bad about him. Currently, he has 14 million views on a video of him falling into a pool which really has added to help overall numbers on TikTok. Dakota gets 100s of Millions of views per month and has even gained 100k subscribers on YouTube in less than a week without even posting a video. One can safely assume that Dakota has at least 100k followers on every social media platform.

In just a few months on TikTok, Dakota was able to gather 4.4 million followers and 51 million likes on his main account. Even though he has never collaborated with anyone and has posted solo videos so far, he hopes to collaborate with Addison Rae in the future. Out of all the famous TikTokers, the one who has reached out to him has been Dixie D’amelio, which took him by surprise because he had not been following her.           

His goal for TikTok in 2021 is 10 million followers by the end of the year. Dakota feels that he can get there pretty easily if he is consistent. Being a famous influencer is a lot of fun for him, and the biggest difference in comparison to his previous life is that he gets to go places and hear random people talk about him.

About Dakota Elder:

The current social media star grew up in a small town in Utah called Smithfield with one older brother and five step-siblings. With his parents being divorced before he turned 1, he never got to see them together throughout his childhood. He lived with his older brother and father in Smithfield until he was 15.

Dakota Elder did not belong to a wealthy or comfortable family. When he was 15 years old, his father passed away because he was suffering from cancer. His father’s illness caused a degree of antisocial behavior in him which is why he never had friends, mostly because he had to always come home to take care of and spend time with his sick father.

After his father’s death Dakota was in shock and shut down completely. It wasn’t until his 20s when he finally started making friends and socializing with people. Throughout his difficult times, basketball was the only coping mechanism that helped him. When Dakota turned 21 he was selected to be on American Ninja Warrior where he was very successful in the first round. Impressed with his performance and skill, producers from American Ninja Warrior wanted to cast him on a new show called The Dunk King.

With his first time on national TV, Dakota wore his father’s high school jersey as a tribute to him. Shaq and Dr. J loved the retro jersey and he made instant connections. After the Dunk King, he became a professional basketball dunker and moved to Los Angeles where he got to meet and hang with everyone from Drake, Chris Brown, Master P, DJ Khaled, lil pump, and was able to play basketball with NBA and NFL stars.

While out in Los Angeles he also acted in Commercials, Modeled for Nike, and played basketball at Lebron James Space Jam house. Another exciting addition to his career was helping Red Bull launch their basketball niche and starred in commercials for Red Bull. Unfortunately, Dakota suffered an accident on set and broke his ribs filming his last commercial with them. His injury and recovery period gave him a lot of free time where he decided to start posting on TikTok. Right from the beginning, he gained 400k followers in the first month and then earned his first 1 Million followers in less than 100 days followed by gaining another million followers in under a week.

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