Meet Hayden Crabtree: Investor, Author, and Real Estate Professional

February 12 23:12 2021

As an investor, author, and real estate professional, Hayden Crabtree is passionate about the ability to work with others in his career. While studying to complete his undergraduate degree, Hayden questioned if a traditional job was the right path for him. He explains, “When I first started, I actually tried a few things: Forex trading, Amazon FBA, E-Commerce. I hated it. Staring at my computer all day was miserable for me.”

Instead, Hayden longed for a career where he could get out and talk to people, while also seeing tangible results for the work he was putting in. Recognizing that none of his teachers had ever successfully run a business, he doubted that school was giving him the proper tools to succeed. Enter: Real Estate. “Real estate allowed me an interesting day-to-day work life,” Hayden says. “I also love the fact that the things I own are real. I can touch them, use them, and know they will be here 100 years from today.”

After over a year of mentorship under a real estate investor in Athens, Georgia, Hayden was brought on as a partner in the business. “I did whatever I could to add value to the business,” he recalls. From managing contractors, to leasing apartments, and even to painting a house in the Georgia heat, Hayden proved himself to be a valuable asset, undoubtedly setting a precedent for the future of his career.

Today, at the young age of 24, Hayden recently closed a $13,000,000 real estate deal of his own. “I got more real estate experience in a year than most people do in a decade,” he notes. “I realized quickly the path to wealth was not through flipping houses, it was through owning them. That’s how I got started.”

He continues, “I am really inspired to help others. When I bought my first investment property on my own in college and made $3,000 the next month, I was enthralled. ‘Why isn’t everyone doing this?’ I thought to myself.”

With a desire to help others understand the industry, Hayden set a goal to help 1,000 people buy their first investment property. To that end, he published his first book titled “Skip the Flip” with the goal of teaching people the real estate tips that could change their lives in as little time as possible. “I am really inspired to help others,” Hayden explains. “For those who want to go even deeper, I have an online program where I coach my students every week on the deals they are looking at and how to obtain financial freedom.”

Looking to the future, Hayden plans to continue his career by launching a lifetime income real estate fund that will focus on investing in self storage and boat and RV storage properties that will be held long-term as cash flow for himself and his investors. He also hopes to launch a real estate software company aimed at helping Main Street real estate investors make smarter decisions with their portfolios.

His advice to young professionals looking at a career in real estate? “Know that you are going to fail,” he says. “You are going to question why you are working so hard. People you love are going to call you crazy. But if you get comfortable with that up front and prepare yourself for the struggle, it will be so much easier to push through.”

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