Mighty Manny: The Hero Every Family with a Special Needs Child Should Meet

February 13 04:12 2021
“The Adventures of Mighty Manny” is a book published by author Issata Oluwadare, which introduces the world to an uncommon superhero; a toddler with special needs.

Introduced in the book, “The Adventures of Mighty Manny” written by Issata Oluwadare, Mighty Manny is a superhero unlike any other. He is a toddler with special needs. With a cape of many colors, Manny finds the strength to do unusual things. According to the author, Manny was introduced as a way of giving hope to families who have children with needs.

“When my son Emmanuel spent just shy of 11 months in the NICU, we searched high and low for books that would spark hope in our seemingly hopeless situation,” said Issata, the author, while explaining why she decided to write a children’s book about disabilities. “I found nothing speaking to our child, a child whose doctors gave little to no chance for survival, and even fewer prospects for a fulfilling quality of life.”

She further added that there needs to be more awareness about the subject, as there are countless other families lost in the shadows, quietly steering through similar difficulties. There should be a conscious effort towards building knowledgeable communities filled with hope and compassion, and this is exactly what Mighty Manny is all about. Manny also has a coloring book, which was released separately as part of the series.

Apart from being a published author, Issata is also known for leading Issata O Inc., a consulting and coaching firm that supports women in leadership and business. Her firm provides speaking engagements, one-on-one coaching, among many other initiatives for community outreach.

“The Adventures of Mighty Manny” and the Mighty Manny Coloring Book are both available on Amazon. The book can be purchased on this link while the coloring book can be purchased here.

For more information about Manny, visit the official website of the organization associated with the book at the following link: https://mannysvillage.org/

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