Arthritis Knee Pain Centers® Offers Therapy That Helps Reduce Osteoarthritis Knee Pain and Increase Mobility

February 17 00:00 2021
The medical practice group provides a non-surgical, non-opioid, outpatient pain relief program to patients around the country.

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common type of arthritis and affects more than 32 million adults in the United States alone. Known as the wear and tear arthritis, it occurs when the smooth cushion or the cartilage between bones breaks down, and causes joints to become painful, swollen and hard to move. The knee joint is the most common area for OA to strike and millions of people are hobbled by the debilitating pain, prohibiting them from carrying out everyday activities like climbing stairs, standing up from a seated position, or even standing for an extended amount of time.

Besides the challenge of managing the chronic pain, the consequential immobility and inactivity exacerbates other serious conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Arthritis Knee Pain Centers® provides a comprehensive program that can help reduce pain and increase mobility without surgery or opioids.

Headquarted in Spring, Texas, Arthritis Knee Pain Centers’® growing network has practices all over the US. They specialize in a minimally invasive therapy designed to replenish depleted joint fluids with an FDA-approved cushioning gel. They use advanced digital imaging for precision placement, removing the guesswork that many of today’s practitioners rely on to treat knee and joint pain.

“Our singular clinical focus on treating osteoarthritis of the knee combined with our utilization of cutting-edge technology has allowed our specially trained physicians to excel at relieving the often debilitating chronic pain of our patients,” says Dr. John J. Rush, Chief Medical Officer of Arthritis Knee Pain Centers. “We’ve successfully treated more than 20,000 patients since 2016.”

Recognizing early warning signs of osteoarthritis can help slow down its progression. Some of its early warning signs are pain; stiffness and loss of flexibility; as well as a scraping or grating sensation when moving the knees. There are many ways that can help reduce the pain and the need for pain medication. Exercise and weight loss; physical therapy; and precision guided injections are some of the ways that can help manage osteoarthritis.

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About Arthritis Knee Pain Centers®

Arthritis Knee Pain Centers® is a medical practice group that specializes in an FDA-approved pain relief therapy designed to help osteoarthritis sufferers decrease their knee joint pain. Headquartered in Spring, Texas, Arthritis Knee Pain Centers® has practices in Texas, New York, Kentucky, Arizona, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, and New Jersey.

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