Royal Moon Lamps offers whimsical moon lamps to brighten up rooms and personal spaces

February 17 04:30 2021
Royal Moon Lamps is a company that manufactures and retails a wide variety of exciting novelty lamps based on the moon and solar system with free worldwide shipping.

Brooklyn, NY, USA – While the moon might not provide so strong a brightness in contrast to the sun, the Moon has a way of reintroducing tranquility, which is precisely the concept behind the Royal Moon Lamp. The delicate desk lamp softly illuminates any room it’s in with a dual-tone light reminiscent of the Moon’s glow. The lamp is as functional as it is artful as it evokes images of the Moon hanging just above a tree. Speaking to the desk lamp’s practicality and artfulness, the lamp fills each room with the mellow, but illuminating glow one so often seeks from the Moon.

There are times when customers are looking for room décor that is whimsical over practical — especially when it comes to kid’s rooms. Royal Moon Lamp offers different kinds of moon lamps, such as the Custom Moon Lamp, as well as the Levitating Moon Lamp. The globe of the lamps provides a calming glow in the night, enriching the atmosphere with positive energy.

The Levitating Moon Lamp is a head-turning conversation piece that makes it so much more interesting. The secret to the lamp is that it uses magnetic levitation technology, which lets the light float and spin on its own. It’s also equipped with touch sensor controls featuring three lighting modes to choose from allowing buyers to set the mood for their personal space. The lamp comes in the shape of key parts of our solar system including Saturn, the Earth, and the Moon. Each moon or planet sits atop a base made out of an elegant wood design that will complement any aesthetic.

The company’s moon lamps are designed with delicacy and manufactured with longevity that would entice buyers on long winter nights. The 3D technology and accurate images provided by NASA’s website are used in its production. The product is super easy to use with a one-touch sensor system and USB charging port. Customers only have to charge it once and they can use it for hours.

People can decorate their rooms or halls with the cool brightness of a well-crafted and majestic-looking Moon Lamp placed on a curvy stand. If they are looking for customization, they can always purchase the Custom Moon Lamp that allows customers to print their own choice of text or picture on the moon to give it an illuminating silhouette feel.

All the material used in making Royal Moon Lamp is FDA approved containing no harmful element for health and the environment which includes high-quality Polylactic Acid (PLA). The lamp itself is durable and hard to break. From an aesthetic point of view, the textured moon surface gives the illusion of a real moon because of the 3D prints taken from NASA.

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