IPOs.fyi Introduces the Simplest IPO Alerting Service in the Market

February 17 04:51 2021
This software ensures no one misses out on their favorite companies going public and helps members discover potential IPO investment opportunities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has helped create a red hot IPO market. While this is an amazing time for IPOs, there is a lack of information around them for regular investors. Staying on top of upcoming IPOs gives advantages to investors ready to take action. IPOs.fyi, a tech solution provider, understands how vital information is for investors. To help investors around the world catch the latest IPOs in the US stock market, the company introduces its IPO-alerting platform.

IPOs.fyi monitors IPO filings and notifies its subscribers by text and email when companies are going public. It acts as an investor’s IPO command center that gives them the latest information they need to stay informed.

Investors are busy and don’t have time to manually keep track of upcoming IPOs so they miss out on fantastic opportunities. IPOs.fyi is on a mission to fill this information gap and help investors add innovative companies to their portfolio.

IPOs.fyi gives a member access to a personal dashboard, which contains shares offered, underwriters, pricing, volume, and IPO date. Each IPO has a dedicated page where one can read all the documents that a company has filed like S-1, 8-A, etc., and make comments or read comments from other subscribers.

Every day, IPOs.fyi’s algorithms search for upcoming IPOs. Newly announced and/or the next day’s IPOs are automatically sent to subscribers in a daily email. Subscribers also get access to a text reminder of the day’s IPOs right when the market opens ensuring they don’t forget to buy into their favorite companies.

After signing up, members also get access to IPOs.fyi’s exclusive Facebook community where they can chat with other subscribers and discuss upcoming IPOs.

Subscribing to IPOs.fyi is only $11 per month with a free one-month trial. Jon K., IPOs.fyi’s founder, created the platform after missing out on the IPO of several businesses he loved. By the time he would see the news of the IPO, some companies would already be trading 2.5x higher than opening day. Jon searched all over the internet for something that would just simply notify him about companies going public. When he couldn’t find anything, it became his mission to solve this problem and IPOs.fyi was born. What initially was his problem turned out to be a business opportunity that seeks to help others.

For more information on IPOs.fyi, be sure to visit https://ipos.fyi. Now, investors have a tool to ensure they never miss out on an IPO again.

About IPOs.fyi

IPOs.fyi is an online platform dedicated to making sure no one misses out on their favorite company going public. A tool for investors by an investor, this technology aims to help people track and discover potential IPOs they can invest in.

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