Product Photography Company Releases Packages to Help Businesses Grow Post COVID

February 17 14:16 2021
A product photography company has released a series of special pricing packages to help businesses upgrade their image and help boost sales in the post COVID.

StylePhotos provides professional product shots or videos for companies who need to capture items for websites and social media channels.

The company will do the work for companies, or they can hire the machines to be able to do their own photo shoots and create high quality and professional product shots quicker and at a more reduced cost from regular photo shoots.

The company has four different machines that capture different types of images and the packages are all based around these machines.

The Live machine allows businesses to take photographs of models, without showing their faces, or mannequins or large objects. StylePhotos will run a shoot for a client and charge $40 per item or the client can hire out the machine for $275 per hour, and that includes a member of staff to help out.

The Horizontal machine allows companies to capture flatbed product shots. These are €15 each or companies can rent the machine for $200 per hour or $1,250 for a whole day, including a member of staff.

Eclipse is machines that gives fashion businesses the opportunity to photograph products like shoes or handbags from every angle and change background settings to fit in with their brand or campaign theme. This is $15 per image, $30 for a 12 second video or $200 per hour. Or a full day shoot is $1,250.

Alphashot is designed to take 360 degree shots of items that are highly reflective, like jewelry and watches and is great for people looking for packshots. This is $30 per image or $60 for a  12 second video.

A spokesman for StylePhotos said: “We have found that by using shots that are generated from our different machines, our clients are getting 24% more sales due to the fact their products look so much more professional.

“In a time when many have been struggling it is more important than ever that businesses look at every aspect of their business and see where they can make changes that will impact the bottom line directly. We have found that this is definitely one of those changes that gives rewards.

“By using machines like Live, Alphashot, Eclipse and Horizontal, our clients are producing four times the number of images they would in a traditional photoshoot. And, because they are being shot in a controlled environment, the uniformity of the shots makes it look much more professional on websites and social platforms.

“On top of that, because we can adjust filters and backgrounds on set, the editing process is done on the go, so our customers get their images much quicker than the traditional route,” he added. 

About StylePhotos

StylePhotos is a Toronto based video and photography company, creating fashion product shots using special machines for models, mannequins, flat bed shots and 360 degree angles. The company aims to use their technology to help businesses produce more quality product images and videos in less time that traditional photo shoots. 

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