Online Education Success’ Digital Marketing Services Help Business Starters Improve Conversion Rate

February 17 15:04 2021
Breaking through a crowded and highly competitive market is a challenge all new businesses need to overcome. First and foremost, businesses have to find a good way to let people know that their product or service is available. This is the main goal of any initial undertaking in marketing.

Businesses sometimes overprioritize in promoting their brand. They want people to be aware of their business and interested in their offerings. These objectives will manifest a high-volume incoming web traffic, or in the case of brick-and-mortar stores, foot traffic. But would having a lot of visitors coming to the place of business be enough to ensure business survival? Of course not.
Getting people interested is just a start because what businesses really want is to increase sales, revenue, and ultimately, profit. Turning window-shoppers to actual buying customers is a critical process for a business.  This process is called sales conversion.
Businesses need to exercise a good deal of effort to increase the probability of customers making a purchase. This is important for all businesses but ever more so crucial for new ones. Fortunately, promoting higher sales conversion is a marketing endeavor in itself and one digital business solutions provider offers several marketing services that address this business challenge.
Online Education Success offers digital marketing services that directly affect and improve conversion rates. This means businesses would have effective means to improve their sales figures.
One such service from Online Education Success is the Marketing Funnel Creation. A marketing funnel (also called a sales funnel) is a business design that illustrates the journey taken by a customer through a business system. It is a journey that shows the options a customer faces and the decisions he/she makes that eventually lead him/her into purchasing a product or service. Marketing funnels serve as excellent templates or guides for other types of marketing solutions such as website designs or a marketing campaign strategy.
A marketing funnel design aids sales conversion on many levels. First, the design is not only meant to attract a larger section of the market but more importantly, attract the right kind of customer for a particular business. The right kind of customer means that he or she has a profile of someone likely to buy a particular service or product. This alone increases the likelihood of purchase significantly. But there’s more.
As said, a funnel illustrates the path a customer takes. By tweaking points in the path, a funnel can promote a higher in-system retention. For example, a funnel-based website will exhibit a lower bounce rate than a website that has just been freely designed. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that navigate out of a website after viewing the initial page. A low bounce rate indicates visitors are sticking around a website longer which provides a greater opportunity for sales.
Another marketing service offered by Online Education Success that helps conversion rates is its Email Marketing Service. As the name implies, email marketing is marketing done through email channels. This is quite effective in targeting decision-makers of businesses, and the service itself is a popular marketing strategy for B2B (business-to-business) outfits.
The Email Marketing service includes email list building, creation of a sales template, and initial implementation of an email automation system. Online Education Success also offers a Premium Marketing service that adds project-length implementation and administration of the email automation system, as well as performance analysis.
Another offering from Online Education Success that improves sales conversion is Video Sales Letter Development. Simply put, a Video Sales Letter or VSL is a video designed to sell a service or product to a viewer. It is designed to persuade a viewer into making that final purchasing decision. VSLs are found in ads, marketing campaigns, and websites.
If a marketing funnel is designed to catch and retain the best customers for a business, then a VSL is the final act that seals the deal with customers. As such, VSLs typically figure at the end of a funnel design. Online Education Success offers VSL conceptualization, scriptwriting, visual planning, and premium VSL production services.

Online Education Success has more offerings that can help businesses (particularly new ones) with their conversion rates and their overall plans for success. For more information about these services, visit For questions or inquiries, send an email to [email protected].

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