Darren Herft Talks Sports and Business on Darren Herft Sports Central

February 18 19:27 2021

Australian businessman Darren Herft has officially launched his new sports website, Darren Herft Sports Central to discuss cricket and AFL.

On Herft’s sports site, he also has a greeting from AFL player Campbell Brown, who played for the Hawthorn Football club and the Gold Coast Football Club. Brown congratulated Herft for launching his website and said, “For all the breaking big news stories, I’m going to be coming to you and your website.”

While Herft watches sports for enjoyment, he also studies it carefully for success. Success in the business world, according to Herft, requires commitment, sacrifice and perseverance. These are the primary lessons that he wants to share with his readers.

On the website, Herft wrote about the new AFL season. In his post, he says that this may be “the most even AFL season ever” and predicts who the emerging young AFL talent in 2021 will be. He also points to which teams he believes have the most legitimate claims this season. In his next article, Herft posted about The Big Bash.

With more articles to come, Herft hopes to keep readers engaged on timely and new information and predictions on AFL and cricket, but also hopes to teach them the principles of business success and leadership.

In an interview with Vents Magazine last month, Herft reflected on the positive role of sports in his career, mentioning that he started in athletics at an early age and began playing sports when he was seven. Later in his youth, Herft gravitated toward AFL and cricket.

There has been a lot of research into the impact of sports on professional careers. A report from Ernst & Young focused on how women build leadership skills through sports and it was found that 94 percent in the C-level professionals played sports.

C-level executives play strategic roles within organizations, holding senior positions and impacting company-wide decisions. These executives are usually in charge of an entire department or unit such as finance, marketing or IT.

Herft says that his early start in sports laid the foundation for his discipline and success in business, and these are all qualities he wants to share with his readers.

Aside from sports content, Herft has also written about global debt and how innovation can improve the economy. He believes in creation and innovation and its ability to stimulate the economy, especially in a world where nations are borrowing at a higher rate than ever during the coronavirus.

Aside from his sports and business knowledge, Herft has a strong background in finance. He studied business and accounting at Griffith University and has developed keen insights into finance through his career. Much of his expertise lies in early-stage investments and its ability to propagate.

To learn more about Darren Herft, you can visit his official website

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