Promotes Equal Opportunity In Fashion: Women’s Streetwear

February 18 22:33 2021 Promotes Equal Opportunity In Fashion: Women's Streetwear

In the world of fashion and fashion designers, a designer needs to create and style their customer. For many years, fashion designers have carved out a niche in fashion and answered the demands of those they dress. Whether it be clothing, shoes, handbags, or accessories, everyone was following their individual customer base’s aesthetic appetite. Of course, the customer wanted to push the designer into forward-thinking and innovative styles, but there wasn’t much cross-over between the labels. Everyone was dressing one type of client, until now.


Until recently, streetwear was predominantly thought to be for the guys. This customer liked larger-than-life sneakers, baggy enough to allow movement but trim in the right places to show off features. The overall look appealed to the fellas. The ladies-only took advantage of this style when it came to wearing their boyfriend’s comfy clothes. And, every time they did, the guy would mention that they never looked sexier. So it’s no wonder that someone, several labels, decided to reach out to those women and offer them women’s streetwear. Click here to go to the website.

Gender Neutral

Recent years have seen an increase in gender-neutral apparel. Some like to play with fashion, explore identity and expectations, and choose fashions that challenge norms or expectations. These fashions shy away from highlighting the areas of the body that be seen as the focal point of the feminine or masculine form. They almost seek to hide those distinctions that might clearly convey one sex or the other through the emphasis of cuts or styles. According to, these fashions purposely blur the lines to break the traditional rules of what makes for men’s fashion or women’s fashion. 

Gender Equality

The new development of women’s streetwear is not meant to be perceived as women dressing in men’s styles or men’s fashions. On the contrary, it wholly acknowledges that these are fashions that appeal to women and men. And not because they want to be seen as manly. They like the look, but they still want to express their sense of fashion and feminine identity. These two goals should not be mutually exclusive. To see an example of how the look can be translated into body conscience styles that celebrate the womanly shape, go to the site Lychee the Label. The look says tough, confident, bold, and street, and it’s not for men only. 

Designers Get It

Nike, Jordan, and Drake’s new October’s Very Own, aka OVO, are just a couple of the designers offering their creativity to this newly acknowledged segment of fashionistas. Drake’s certified love for women can be a blessing for streetwear. He and others show off the ladies, the looks they want, in looks they want to wear. 

We are so past the idea of assuming we know what a person likes, wants to wear, or how they want to represent themselves to the world through their style choices just because they happen to be a girl. Of course, the ladies out there are loving these new hot trends of street styles and certainly appreciate being recognized in the fashion marketplace.

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