How Acrux Cloud Is Best WordPress Dedicated VPS

February 19 12:00 2021
How Acrux Cloud Is Best WordPress Dedicated VPS

Making its presence felt globally in the management of VPS for WordPress, Acrux Cloud now has transformed itself as the best quality hosting infrastructure operational ease and simplicity of a basic shared hosting service.

The latest features and functionalities of Acrux Cloud makes its hosting service the most complete dedicated VPS WordPress hosting option and altogether a different experience. These features make it seamless with no frills.

Acrux Cloud has many intrinsic technical features, most important among them being Control Panel, Application Stack, Security and Monitoring. They make websites speedy, versatile and extremely user friendly.  

The price range of hosting plans of the company is also very much affordable, unlike other hosting companies. This has further increased the popularity of Acrux Cloud across the world.

In fact, the business websites can benefit from the total perfection in performance thus helping them more on generating queries which can be converted into sales.

This is made possible as once a hosting has been done by Acrux Cloud the customers don’t have to spin their heads on multiple problems that often arise in the field of hosting.

The company’s services are all comprehensive giving real-time benefits of getting all aspects of the website perform on their own without the need for frequent human intervention.

The in-built architecture provided by Acrux Cloud in its hosting system is such that all attempts to hack the portal is automatically foiled due to its superior technological feats.

Control Panel of Acrux Cloud

Control Panel, allowing one to manage the hosting account, is extremely versatile making it very easy to operate and manage. The main features of Control Panel are Quick Install, Instant Changes, Different Requirements with Different Plans and Simple Functionality. Control Panel aspect makes it extremely user friendly.

Versatile Application Stack

It makes the website act very fast befitting need of those downloading it. The current digital age needs cutting edge technology that Acrux Cloud has enabled in its Application Stack.

Besides, the software also makes the website completely protected from any kind of hacking. We know hacking is the greatest menace for any website anywhere in the world.

Total Security

The Secure Architecture, Automated Updates, Firewall, App Isolation and Advanced Security Practices provide total security. The security architecture is such it will foil any hacking attempts carried out from any part of the world.

Advanced Monitoring System

It enables one to track everything in one place and allowing presence on top of all the processes and configurations running on one’s dedicated VPS. Here, the inbuilt Server Stats, Log Viewer and Request Stats greatly ensure the monitoring system.


What differs Acrux Cloud from other web hosting companies is market reputation, reliability and repeat-client tag. Moreover, the total safety shield provided by its software against hacking and quickness of operation makes is virtually indispensable for those who mean business.

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