New York-based moving leads provider offers moving leads and call transfers for movers

February 20 00:45 2021 is the largest moving leads provider that helps moving companies find customers who are looking to move. Moving companies can buy moving leads and live call transfers for movers.

New York, NY, United States – owns a large network of moving websites, each website generates hundreds of leads and calls every month. Clients can easily avoid the competition with their exclusive moving leads. All of their exclusive leads are verified, real-time leads that they generate on their own network of moving websites. Quality leads convert to money, increasing a salesperson booking odds. With exclusive leads offered by, the odds of booking more moving jobs every month will increase exponentially. All their moving websites generate organic leads and live call transfers nationwide. Clients can easily increase their booking odds by 40% with their verified exclusive moving leads from the largest moving leads provider.

When clients buy moving leads from they will only receive real-time leads with a guarantee. Real-time leads are leads that come in from one of’s moving websites in real-time, when clients call a lead that a customer just filled up online in real-time, their booking rate is 40% higher than calling a lead that’s a few hours old.

The management at is dedicated to saving clients their time and money by filtering out invalid phone numbers, fake email addresses in real-time. Their lead distribution system is capable of verifying a customer’s phone number and email instantly, this method saves a client’s agent time and time is money when it comes to calling leads. Most lead providers sell each lead to 4, 6, and 8 movers at a time, the odds of a particular client booking a job is exceptionally low when 8 other moving companies are calling the same customer with 8 different moving quotes. Their exclusive leads increase the booking ratio by 40% since they are not shared by others.

Buying exclusive moving leads is great but buying live call transfers is even better, instead of the agent calling a moving lead trying to reach a customer they can provide the client’s moving company with incoming calls from potential customers searching for a moving company for their upcoming move. This increases the booking odds by up to 40% with’s real-time call transfers for movers’ program.

Their network of moving websites generates incoming calls off of their toll-free number which is displayed on all their moving websites.’s state-of-the-art call transfer software is able to forward a call to a moving company based on its location in real-time, a call is billable only after a certain duration. All their live call transfers are exclusive, clients do not have to worry about sharing this data with their competition, as each call transfer is exclusively meant for them.

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