Residential Heating Repairs in Plano, TX: Preparing For Heating Season In Advance Eliminates Most Potential Risks

February 23 10:16 2021

The cooler air is upon Texas, and this means people are turning their home HVAC systems from cool to warm.

This is a standard practice year after year, but what many do not know is there are potential risks associated with changing HVAC systems from one function to another.

Heating repairs Plano, Texas, professional Russell Pattinson is the owner of Kleen Air Services. He and his team of heating technicians install, service and repair HVAC systems. He notes one of the best ways to keep accidents from happening is to have the unit serviced before the change. Just like the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

“We can come to your home and check your heating system to make sure it is working properly. Most systems only last about 10 years on average. Keeping regular maintenance on the units is a good way to extend that life and keep the units from catastrophe,” said Pattinson. “Here in the Texas area we have gas and electrical furnaces for our heat source, gas furnaces if worn out or have a cracked heat exchanger will emit Carbon Monoxide. Deadly gas odorless and often called the silent killer. We include this test for that on our maintenance and service calls.” – Pattinson adds.

In most cases, a thorough heating repair service Plano, Texas, has to offer, is enough.

“There is always the chance of a fire, a drain pool back up or other serious accident that can cost a home owner quite a bit of money. This is why we do some of the most thorough heating repairs Plano, Texas, has to offer” continued Pattinson.

Pattinson and his team come and check the outside unit, return, condenser pan and the motor. All of these are common parts and issues that often fail on a home HVAC system. Catching them early can save considerable money on a replacement and the home utility bill.

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