Influencer JT Hustlez Shares How to Create Generational Wealth Through Social Media

February 23 19:39 2021
This seven-figure brand builder teaches the public how to better their personal economy through his videos, books, and online school.

Every day, a lot of people are struggling to make ends meet. Some do not have regular jobs, or even worse, are unemployed. Others, even though employed, do not earn enough to support their basic needs, so they constantly find ways on how to be financially stable in the best possible way. JT Hustlez, a content creator and social media personality, shares his knowledge and experience in building generational wealth to those who are looking for other ways to earn and be financially stable.

Hustlez, a confessed seven-figure brand builder, leverages social media to share his entrepreneurial knowledge and experiences in creating small businesses. Hustlez became famous for videos that feature him giving pieces of entrepreneurial advice, some of the success stories of his followers, as well as some of his friends and business partners who are also his supporters.

The YouTube personality shared that growing up in a low-income community, experiencing financial struggles at an early age, and having a strong faith in God made him who he is today. “My childhood of poverty made me understand two things. One, you have to be resourceful to survive. And two, you need to have multiple streams of income.” And so, this started his passion for creating multiple sources of income.

After earning his bachelor’s degree, he looked for ways to become self-supporting. When he started succeeding in his endeavors, he quickly explored opportunities to share his experiences. Once he had his momentum going, there was no stopping. Hustlez created his YouTube channel in 2017, where he shares his ideas and experiences. In less than three years, his channel already has over 150,000 subscribers. He tapped Facebook and now has over a thousand followers. He also authored two books, The Key to Winning is Giving: The Hustler’s Guide to Go from Convicted Felon to Successful Entrepreneur and The Drive to Freedom: The Hustler’s Guide to Becoming an Independent Courier. Aside from these, Hustler also established the Hustle Academy, where his followers can enroll to learn the practical skills to become successful entrepreneurs with unlimited earning potential.

With all his success and giving back, Hustlez dearly holds on to his faith. He knows that it was because of his faith that he was blessed. He always reminds his patrons to keep their faiths first and all else will follow.

But of course, aside from faith, one needs hard work and perseverance to be able to succeed in life. On his motto, which he uses as his hashtag, #shutupandhustle, he said, “It’s an internal call to action to block all the negative thoughts and self-doubts because once that’s done, there’s nothing externally can affect you and make you quit before reaching your goal.”

JT Hustlez continues to provide entrepreneurial ideas to thousands of men and women who are looking for ways to become financially sustainable. He hopes that by sharing his learnings, he can inspire others to keep their faith intact, work harder, and be their bosses.

About JT Hustlez

JT Hustlez is a multimedia inspirational speaker who hopes to inspire others to work their way up towards becoming financially sustainable. His entrepreneurial ideas, best practices, tips, and tricks are shared in various videos across different social media platforms. He also authored two books and has his own online academy.

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