Chin Tung Sheng Shows His Entrepreneurial Prowess In A New Venture

February 23 14:56 2021
Talented social media influencer and content creator, Chin Tung Sheng, delves into more businesses as he expands his coast into more industries

Chin Tung Sheng has undoubtedly shown his creativity with content, delivering amazing videos that have gone viral within hours of their publication. The Singaporean has shown that he is more than just a talented content creator as he can also be a successful business executive, a claim substantiated with his recent venture into new investments. 

Social media influencing and online content creation have grown to become a multi-billion-dollar industry patronized by internet users and brands looking to reach their target audience. The emergence of talented digital content creators delivering entertaining yet informative content has helped the market grow. A recent report on the influencer marketing industry forecasts the market to reach more than $11 billion by the end of 2021. However, one individual, Chin Tung Sheng, seems to have found the formula that stands him out from his contemporaries not only as a content creator but also an entrepreneur. 

The 23-year-old has shown his versatility over the years, having his hands in different activities and coming out successful. The feat achieved with his investments in a plethora of businesses across different industries substantiates this claim. As an investor, he has a portfolio worth millions with banks and fund houses. He is also the owner of an entertainment and asset management company and is the director of Singapore-based Grey Solutions. 

As a content creator, Chin Tung Sheng has mastered the art of putting out viral videos and he has grown to become one of the most sought-after influencers in Singapore, with more than 355k followers on Instagram. He has also become increasingly popular with brands looking to leverage his massive following to reach their target audience.  

Despite his seemingly tight schedules, Tung Sheng finds a way to achieve optimal work-life balance, with his page on Instagram containing posts from various events, conferences, luxury cars, photos with celebrities, and parties. His LinkedIn profile on the other hand portrays him as an entrepreneur, director, investor, socialite. 

Chin Tung Sheng hopes to continue challenging the status quo as he delves into different ventures. 

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