It’s All Light: The Morphic Resonance of Light: A Unified Theory by Gloria Prema Is A Thought-Provoking Book Unifying Science and Spirituality

February 23 23:20 2021
It’s all Light unifies science with religion equating the universe as a consciousness with every being connected as a part thereof

It’s All Light: The Morphic Resonance of Light:  A Unified Theory by Gloria Prema is an illuminating treatise amalgamating science with spirituality in a theory that unifies the laws of physics with spiritual phenomena to create a singular perception of thought. It’s All Light first published in 2009 and revised for clarity in 2016 deals with the subject of morphic resonance that all beings are mentally and telepathically interconnected. It explains how light travels faster than the known speed of light and how everything is made of light and sound is the glue that is holding particles together; This book perfect for scientific minds with an evolving spirituality on a quest to seek a definite understanding of the concept of the universe as a divine consciousness explained within the fundamentals of science.

Author and entrepreneur Gloria Prema has brilliantly revised her ground-breaking book Its All Light in which she provides further clarification and evidence of the profound claims of a unified theory of consciousness of beings interconnected with the universe together embodied as one. It’s All Light is a Grand Unifying Theory that explains how the polarities of science, and religion are in essence what unifies them into the perception that everything is one. It is a  collective consciousness – what spiritually-minded may call Oneness, what scientists may call non-locality.

In Its All Light, Prema cleverly argues how spiritual and demonstrable phenomena like healing, telepathy, spiritual phenomena, remote viewing, precognition, clairvoyance, teleportation, prediction are unified with science in this theory is not just spiritual mumbo jumbo which many think today. She explains the theory of morphic resonance where Morphic means ‘form’ and resonance means ‘continuous sounding’ and how the coalescence of all particles take shape held together by sound. She cites cymatic experiments of the late 1700’s where scientists used different frequencies to transform powder into different shapes depending on the frequencies they were exposed to.

In It’s All Light: The Morphic Resonance of Light:  A Unified Theory, Prema hopes to imbibe the message within people that that everything is made of light (seen or unseen).  It takes form due to sound (which is slow light).  She hopes that unifying science and spirituality will result in better health outcomes for people to create a more balanced universe.

Gloria Prema’s book is a bold attempt to help people understand how humanity is intertwined and connected to one consciousness. It is thought-provoking and definitely worth reading for those on their journey of spiritual awakening.

Gloria Prema is an author, educator and therapist with a Bachelor of Science degree from the UK’s Open University.  She has always been an avid reader and student of esoteric philosophy where her she has been studying science, and quantum theory, since 199. The continuous study and practice of spiritual experiences, which began occurring around the same time, eventually led to her book Its All Light which materialised from a painstaking 17 years of research. 

It’s All Light: The Morphic Resonance of Light:  A Unified Theory is available on Amazon

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