Keaveney Law Group Announces Additional Legal Services

February 24 08:54 2021
Keaveney Law Group Announces Additional Legal Services
In a recent notice to the public, the Keaveney Law Group, a New Jersey and Pennsylvania law firm, stated that their law group is now able to offer additional legal services.

Maple Shade, New Jersey – The Keaveney Law Group, a law firm known for their foreclosure and bankruptcy services, is now able to add criminal defense legal services to their offerings. 

With the recent addition of attorney Thomas Masciocchi, the law firm is pleased to be able to offer the legal skills of a Maple Shade criminal lawyerAttorney Masciocchi is an experienced litigator with over 28 years of experience in criminal law.  

It is important for the public to know that criminal law cases in New Jersey are different from other states. New Jersey classifies their offenses in a different way from most other states so it is vitally important that a Maple Shade DUI Attorney have experience litigating in New Jersey courts. 

Where most states classify crimes as felonies or misdemeanors, the state of New Jersey labels crimes as indictable crimes, disorderly persons offenses or petty disorderly persons offenses. Then, within these guidelines, there are six grades of crimes.

Even though the state of New Jersey does not consider a disorderly persons offense to be a crime, if a person is found guilty it still gives them a criminal record.  This is why it is so important to have a Maple Shade criminal attorney to defend any criminal charges.  

Also, when a person has been charged with a disorderly persons offense, they can’t choose a jury trial in the state of New Jersey. 

As noted, New Jersey criminal law is quite complex and requires competent legal assistance.

About the Keaveney Legal Group

Founded by Attorney James P. Keaveney, the Keaveney Legal Group has 11 locations in New Jersey and one location in Philadelphia.  All attorneys in the group are licensed to practice law in both states.  Their practice fields include bankruptcy, foreclosure, criminal defense, and DUI defense.

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