People Are Culture Launches Agora Culture Sharing Platform

February 24 15:57 2021
Digital Creative Community Offers Collaborative Alternative to Self-Focused Social Media

BOSTON, Massachusetts – February 24, 2021 – People Are Culture announced today the launch of Agora, the first culture-sharing platform. 

Derived from the ancient Greek meaning of ‘the gathering place’, Agora is an online venue for people from around the world to gather, connect, create and share documentary art about culture. The free platform also offers culture aficionados and consumers access to original, independently-produced content specifically about the human condition, identity, and ways of life around the world. 

Agora features:

• an online community forum where storytellers, film-makers, photographers and creatives around the world interested in cultural themes can meet and find collaborators;

• dedicated space to showcase collaborative documentary art and share feedback;

• an opportunity to build awareness and support for content about cultural practices and diversity, inclusion, community-building, as well as advocate for curiosity, listening, identification and respect.

Agora specifically focuses on three themes: Belonging, Cultural Meaning, and Cultural Expression. Formats featured on Agora include video shorts; digital print interviews; profiles; and photo essays. 

“Agora was founded as a digital creative community where people can collaborate to create and share meaningful content about our unique differences and shared humanity,” said founder Meg Pier. “Since its invention about 20 years ago, social media has fostered amazing individual self-expression. People love documenting where they’ve been and what they’ve done and sharing it with others.”

“Our idea is to take that creativity and desire to connect to the next level by offering a platform to turn the focus from ‘me to we’,” Pier continued. ““In today’s global world people are more connected than ever before and yet, paradoxically, many of us often feel more alone, alienated, different, and less-than. COVID-19 has only exacerbated that sense of isolation and lack of purpose. Agora aims to be a global movement for people to come together, turn their lens outward and share projects about the world’s culture. We are building a community of cultural co-creators who care about the world around us and want to foster greater understanding.”

Agora is open to all with an interest in collaborating to document culture. Among those that the platform is a resource and community for are:

• undergraduate and graduate students studying film-making, journalism, and tourism; 

• participants in lifelong learning programs; 

• cultural travel and tourism companies and; 

• NGOs that focus on diversity, inclusion, and cultural awareness.

Submission guidelines can be found here:

About People Are Culture

People Are Culture (PAC) is a digital magazine that celebrates our unique differences and our shared human condition. PAC features stories, interviews, podcasts, photo essays and videos about people engaged in creating and preserving culture.  PAC advocates curiosity, listening, identification and respect.

About Meg Pier

Meg Pier, Founder & Editor of People Are Culture, has been engaged in telling people’s stories for more than 30 years. An award-winning professional with a progressive career blending expertise in writing, editing, interviewing, public relations and brand building, Meg has a diversified set of credentials: a portfolio of bylines for media and corporate publications; a 25-year corporate career as the founding member of PR departments for four major financial services firms; consulting assignments to create communications platforms/infrastructure for non-profits; and a series of collaborations coaching private clients on their memoirs.

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