Jana Soss of Prime Capitol Leverages Her Film Industry Experience To Create Viral YouTube Content

March 01 15:34 2021
Talented content creator, Jana Soss, provides fun and thrilling material supported by her extensive experience in the film industry

Jana Soss is one of the talented content creators on the internet who have mastered the art of providing their fans and millions of active members of the online community with hilarious yet informative content. Otherwise known as Jana influencer, the Canadian social media influencer and actress has practically dominated the online space, especially on YouTube, with her videos going viral in a matter of minutes.

My background in film is the driving force in the content I create on YouTube. I try to use everything I’ve learned on film sets and bring that to my videos, which I’m sure is also what my audience finds appealing,” said Jana Soss.

The social media influencing and online content creation market has grown in a relatively short while to become a multi-billion-dollar industry enjoying the patronage of internet users seeking entertainment and brands that are looking to reach their target audience. The emergence of talented content creators providing their fans with entertaining yet informative content and the increased access to the internet has helped the growth of the market. A recent report forecasts the influencer marketing industry to hit $11 billion by the end of 2021, with one individual, Jana Soss, looking absolutely sure of benefiting from the growth of the market.

Jana Soss has carved a niche in the highly competitive industry, with her unique videos standing her out not only as a content creator but as an actress. Her YouTube videos have provided comic relief for millions of people across the globe. Jana became popular online for doing pranks, skits, and uploading the videos of her exploits on YouTube.

In a related development, the member of the forward-thinking social media incubator, Prime Capitol, is set to take Hollywood by storm after moving to Los Angeles with her team. The move is in line with Jana’s goal of using her talent as a tool to reach millions of people in different parts of the world, inspire the audience, and pass subtle messages while keeping them entertained.

For more information about Jana Soss and her Hollywood journey as well as the entertaining videos from the content creator, please visit YouTube.

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