Top 3 filters manufacturers/suppliers in Cambodia for CAT312 CAT320 CAT320D

March 10 09:22 2021
Top 3 filters manufacturers/suppliers in Cambodia for CAT312 CAT320 CAT320D
Since the emergence of coronavirus (COVID19), import and export transportation has been greatly affected. Excavator parts, as a kind of item that is frequently replaced, especially maintenance parts like filters (oil filter, fuel filter, air filter and etc.), their demand and the use has rapidly increased around Phnom Penh, Cambodia local market.

As people know, hydraulic systems or engine systems are often equipped with filters. As impurities build up on (or in) the filtration medium of a filter, it will affect the filtering effect. This requires periodic replacement of the filter element (or the entire filter, if the element is not separately replaceable).

Hence, an increase in the number of excavator parts manufacturers like filter manufacturers, making it difficult for both local and international buyers to know the best quality manufacturer for supplies. However, this article guide is meant to help you make the right choice through comprehensive research that exclusively came up with the list of Top Filters Manufacturers.

List of Top Filter Manufacturers in Cambodia:

If you need to purchase filters from Phnom Penh, Cambodia, like filters of CAT, Komatsu, Kobelco excavators. but still need to ascertain which the right manufacturer with the best reliable and efficient quality filters is to buy from, this guide listed the best Cambodia-based filters suppliers. Every manufacturer on the list below is capable of fulfilling international product supplies of safety, quality, and efficient filters, including oil filters or fuel filters, or air filters.

These manufacturers include:

• YanGu Construction Machinery Parts Co., Ltd.

• KZ Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

• JOMO  HongKong Holdings Co.,Limited

YanGu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. provides a one-stop service platform for parts purchasers, involved with the entire excavator mechanical filter. There’re around 20 thousand SKUs online, including oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, hydraulic system filter and etc. for Caterpillar parts, Komatsu parts, Hitachi parts, Hyundai parts, Kobelco parts, like CAT312, CAT320, CAT320D. Especially in the filter industry, Yangu’s product quality is much higher than other suppliers, but the price is very affordable, very suitable for the Cat brand models in Cambodia.

By the way, for other parts like engine parts or electronic parts, one can also find it in their website. To check the goods in stock, people could contact: Tel/Whatsapp/WeChat: +86 138 2229 1425.


KZ Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of specialization and diversification engineering machinery parts.  The main product range, including filters, floating seals, oil seals, seal kits, rock breaker seal kits, o-ring kits, DU bushings, turbo Chargers, water Pumps, gasket kits, and other related products. If you have any inquires, please feel free to contact: Tel/Whatsapp/WeChat:  +86 138 2229 1434.


JOMO  HongKong Holdings Co., Limited are mainly engaged in all kinds of filters. They provide customers with high-quality, world-class service, and the most advanced excavator filters. They don’t have an online filter shop if you have questions about filters, you can directly contact: Tel/Whatsapp/WeChat: +86 138 2229 1454.

Engine Filter

The filter refers to an accessory that filters impurities or gases through filter paper. Generally refers to the excavator vehicle filter, which is an engine accessory.

According to different filtering functions, it is divided into oil filter, fuel filter (gasoline filter, diesel filter, oil-water separator, hydraulic filter), air filter and etc. The engine filters are air, oil, and fuel filters.

Excavator Oil Filter

The oil filter is located in the engine lubrication system. Its upstream is the oil pump, and downstream is the parts that need to be lubricated in the engine. Its function is to filter out harmful impurities in the oil from the oil pan, and supply the crankshaft, connecting rod, camshaft, supercharger, piston ring, and other motion pairs with clean oil to play the role of lubrication, cooling, and cleaning, thereby Extend the life of these parts.

It’s designed to remove contaminants from engine oil, transmission oil, lubricating oil, or hydraulic oil. Other vehicle hydraulic systems, such as those in automatic transmissions and power steering, are often equipped with an oil filter.  Oil filters are used in many different types of hydraulic machinery. In Cambodia, CAT excavator is the most commonly used, such as CAT320D, CAT312. So the oil filter of CAT machine has good sales.

But when you choose oil filters, please remember ‘next level’ product will occur the following problems:

• Filter out 60% of impurities in the oil, with low filtration efficiency;

• Under special conditions, the filtration efficiency is zero.

• Besides, the quality of filter paper is also important.

Oil filters have higher requirements for filter paper than air filters, mainly because the temperature of the oil varies from 0 to 300 degrees. Under severe temperature changes, the concentration of oil will also change accordingly, which will affect the filter flow of oil. The filter paper of a high-quality oil filter can filter impurities and ensure sufficient flow under severe temperature changes.

Excavator Fuel Filter

A fuel filter is a filter in a fuel line that screens out dirt and rust particles from the fuel and is normally made into cartridges containing filter paper. They are found in most internal combustion engines. 

Generally, there are various impurities in diesel, and long-term use of the fuel tank will deposit certain dirt. The above reasons will affect the quality of gasoline. The function of the diesel grid is to filter the above-mentioned impurities. The diesel in the fuel tank is filtered by the gasoline grid to reach the combustion chamber of the engine, and its clean purity can be effectively guaranteed.

The fuel filter needs to be replaced regularly, and if you highlight the quality, it’s better to choose the proper supplier.

Tips: The performance of the diesel filter has a grade code according to the ISO standard. Qualified oil filters must meet the original design of engine cylinder pressure, oil temperature, flow, viscosity and vehicle operating conditions, etc., and consider the comprehensive balance of core quality.

Excavator Air Filter

Air filter: keep the dirt or debris from entering the engine. That’s why you need to protect your excavator against downtime by replacing the filters regularly. Most air filters are made from a combination of paper and synthetic.

The replacement cycle of the air filter of the generator set: the common generator set is replaced every 500 hours of operation; the standby generator set is replaced every 300 hours or 6 months. When the generator set is usually maintained, it can be removed and blown with an air gun, or the replacement cycle can be extended by 200 hours or three months.

Filtration requirements for filters

1. High filtration accuracy: filter out all larger particles (>1-2 um)

2. High filtration efficiency: reduce the number of particles passing through the filter.

3. Prevent early wear of the engine. Prevent damage to the airflow meter!

4. The low-pressure difference ensures that the engine has the best air-fuel ratio. Reduce filtration loss.

5. Large filtering area, high ash holding capacity, and long service life. Reduce operating expenses.

6. Small installation space and compact structure.

7. The wet stiffness is high to prevent the filter element from deflating and causing the filter element to be broken down.

8. Flame retardant

9. Reliable sealing performance

Tips: Air filters have a larger volume but small weight, which will cause you a large shipping cost. Therefore, choosing a one-stop shopping manufacturer can help you save a lot of shipping freight.

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