Dialogue with overseas universities – “Wenzhou talent day” Pingyang top ten special activities highlight first spoiler

March 10 16:36 2021

In order to further create an atmosphere of respecting, treating, motivating and serving talents in the whole society, enhance the sense of identity, integration and belonging of all kinds of talents to Pingyang, and enhance the city influence and reputation of Pingyang in talent groups at home and abroad, it is decided to hold a series of special activities of “Wenzhou talent day” in Pingyang through research to show respect to people with the highest courtesy and sincerity of the city It’s a tribute.

In recent years, Wenzhou municipal Party committee and municipal government have attached great importance to talent work, and issued 40 opinions on high-level construction of a city with the best talent ecology, creating a strong atmosphere of recruiting talents and attracting talents in the whole city.

After deliberation and decision by the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, March 12 of each year will be “Wenzhou talent day” since 2021. Taking this opportunity, we will further mobilize the whole city to respect, cherish and make good use of talents around the goal of “gathering millions of talents in Wenzhou”, so as to create a stronger atmosphere for Wenzhou’s talent recruitment, innovation and development.

Starting from March 12, Pingyang will launch a series of special activities of “Wenzhou talent day” in Pingyang, focusing on “good people and talented people” The theme of “good for you” is to establish a service alliance, hold a docking activity of “cloud return of overseas talents”, launch a series of talent service facts, release a “Pingyang talent code”, carry out a centralized talent commendation, hold a series of spring talent recruitment fairs, join hands to plant a “talent forest”, hold a tea party for education and health talents, and enlighten the public Ten special activities, such as housing allocation for a number of talents and holding a youth talent salon, have been held to comprehensively sing the strongest voice of Pingyang’s respect for talents, treatment of talents, encouragement of talents and service of talents.

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