Revolutionizing Sock Wear for Women Around the World

March 11 18:27 2021
Revolutionizing Sock Wear for Women Around the World
The Keysock, a solution for women looking for comfortability and utility in their “no-show” sock wear.

Shelby Mckee, owner of Keysocks has solved a problem relevant to most women wearing insufficient sock wear. Many women are forced to sacrifice the basic amenities of a sock by wearing “no show” socks or footies for the purpose of being hidden. Although these socks can serve their purpose, they are uncomfortable, slip down from the heel, and keep your feet anything but warm. Shelby and her sisters have created a product that every woman should have in their dresser drawer, the no-show sock that keeps your feet warm never slips, and is perfect for any day in or out. The Keysock, a knee-high-no-show sock was made so you can have the same look and utility as the typical “no show” sock while also having the comfortability of a knee-high sock. They work perfectly for fashion footwear, everyday footwear, and have many designs that complement workplace attire or the casual fit. 

Shelby came up with this design while getting ready for a Bengal football game in her hometown of Cincinnati. She knew it was going to be cold but her outfit only allowed for her to wear the typical no-show sock. On a whim, she decided to take a pair of knee-high dress socks and cut a hole in them. Sure enough, the Keysock was born. Shelby and her sisters Stefanie and Christy are on a mission to bring the Keysock world-wide and give every woman the comfortability and utility they deserve. 

Shelby and her sisters are happy to say they have come up with a solution to a problem faced by many women around the world. The Keysock is a one-of-a-kind product that is dominating the sock industry. Soon after the launch of Keysocks their product took wind, landing them a spot on Good Morning America and becoming one of Daymond John’s products. But the momentum didn’t stop there, they also landed spots on The New York Times, The View, Today Show, Buzzfeed, People, Real Simple, and Bustle. The sisters value their products and believe that their personal values are reflected in their work. 

Shelby sees her business success as a model for other women to own their power and find their voice, just as she did through Keysocks.

She quotes, “I understand the struggle women have to make a place for themselves and make a difference in the world. I want to be a light that shows the next generation of women that they can achieve anything they want to.” 

One of her goals in life is not only to bring Keysocks to every woman’s drawer across the world but to help women realize the importance of being comfortable in their own skin. At the bottom of every Keysock is an inspirational message intended to spark a fire underneath a woman’s feet to conquer the day and accomplish their goals. To Shelby, success is not only found in business but in her personal life as well. Shelby’s message to every woman is that “If you have a product or idea that you feel is worthy of creating, GO FOR IT! Anything is possible at any age!” 

The Keysock, a solution for every woman looking for a no-show sock that is comfortable, non-slip, and fashionable are available for purchase. They are also available in children’s sizes, perfect for parents who struggle to keep socks on their little one’s feet. Become a part of the Keysock journey today.

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