Artist Andrea Cordero’s Brand ‘Addirockart’ Raises Awareness for Charities and Communities With Art

March 12 05:49 2021
Artist Andrea Cordero’s Brand ‘Addirockart’ Raises Awareness for Charities and Communities With Art

The world of art is home to many exceptional talents. One of the many stars on the rise is Andrea Cordero, who has burst onto the scene with a distinctive style and a heart for the community.

Andrea “Andi” Cordero is a Mexican American digital and fine artist with a strong Aztec and Italian heritage. Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, her work takes her all over America and the United Kingdom. Apart from art, Cordero has also worked in set design, live and studio sound, and acting. Over the last sixteen years, she has worked in almost every arts-based field there ismodeling, fashion, design, music, etc.alongside designers, musicians, and other creatives.

From the time she was 14, Andrea Cordero continually sought ways to support local artists and other creatives. She was very passionate about it and would volunteer for any opportunity. Over the years, she watched people she knew or grew up with go on to build successful brands and have impressive careers, and while she was glad to be a part of their success, it left her with a growing feeling of discontent.

“After helping others achieve their dreams, I wanted to pursue my own.”

Andrea Cordero has set out to do just that. As an artist, she explores the Mexican heritage of her family. Challenging the gender norms, she mostly uses men as muses in her creation of Calavera portraits. Her unique style features a combination of traditional Mexican sugar skulls with the cultures of the model’s ethnic background. Additionally, every piece is usually accompanied by lyrics to a song and lends another layer of meaning to an already exquisite piece of art.

Andrea Cordero owns a successful brand, AddiRockART, which she describes as the culmination of all her experiences. Through AddiRockART, she brings her remarkable talents to the fore with custom work and personal branding for creatives and charities of all kinds. Cordero is incredibly devoted to supporting worthy causes. During 2020, she spent significant time providing and donating artworks and creative ads to raise awareness for several brands and charities, including COVAID for “Mask our Heroes.” Having survived assault and robbery at gunpoint in Baltimore, she works to this day to help raise awareness of PTSD in the aftermath of such crimes.

Andrea introduces her artists’ touch to everything she is involved in. Just like in her earlier years, she aims to keep uniting creatives and ultimately build an international, diverse community of “ARTfluencers,” a community of creatives supporting each other and celebrating cultures around the world with portfolio and products while helping others grow. Andrea Codero has supported her Baltimore community her whole life, having gone to art school, college, and university locally. Now she has turned her attention to the community of Peterborough, UK. Noting its emerging development as a beautiful arts culture, she wishes to play her part to see it become established as a world-class art attraction.

In the coming years, she plans to pursue her masters’ degree and a doctorate in England. She intends to be a full-time creative collaborating with notable brands, supporting her family, and able to champion causes with some authority and possibly dedicate some time to teaching and acting again.

Andrea wants to also use her new ability to now acquire press for causes and talents to help further people’s brands and authority. “It is amazing to see what others have achieved, and I want to be in a place to give back. I want to be able to support myself and give to people who have struggled their whole lives. To do so in a way that matters and on a scale that makes a real difference.”

To learn more about Andrea Cordero and AddiRockART, visit Instagram or the official website.

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