East Asian Woman, Daniella Yuna, Unveiled As Embodiment of A Modern Day Lady

March 12 20:45 2021
East Asian Woman, Daniella Yuna, Unveiled As Embodiment of A Modern Day Lady

With an ongoing acting career and an upcoming law school education, Daniel Yuna’s intense ambition has seen her receive a pat on the back from many for being shining light to others on just how far women can go in the modern-day.

On March 11th, 2021, Daniella Yuna featured as a guest speaker during Virtual Career Month at the Operation Exodus Inner City in Manhattan, New York, an organization dedicated to inspiring young Latino children in New York City. Her dedication and ambition have seen her obtain crucial work experience from certain top organizations like the UN Human Rights Council and House Commons. She is an alumna of the Lee Strasberg Institute and the Catholic University of America. In addition, she completed a semester-long program in Oxford studying International Criminal Law, Human Rights Law under the supervision of Professor Rudina Jasini.

As a woman of many talents, Daniella Yuna is currently working as an actress and a legal professional. When she is not on set, she works as a paralegal for a law firm based in Manhattan. She revealed that she had every intention of becoming a lawyer with plans to attend law school this autumn.

“People presume that I have a powerful father who is backing me up to do all these,” Daniella Yuna (Also Known as “Daniella” Yuna Oh) says when quizzed about her unique journey to academic success and career opportunities. “I want to change the narrative that you can only be someone in America if you were born in the right ZIP codes or parents.” 

Treading lightly in an attempt to not spill family issues out in public, Daniella Yuna revealed that her childhood was filled with darkness, abuse, and persistent depression. She made her way to the United States when a Florida-based modeling agency visited her high school in South Korea and indicated an interest in her talents. According to her, it was no small task to convince her mother, but she did and a few weeks later she was headed for the US alone as a 16-year-old with one small piece of luggage. She started life in a small Midwest town, an experience that she fondly referred to as, “the tiniest plane you can think of!”. Once she settled into the country, she got enrolled in a high school and thanks to her willingness to learn and be the best at whatever she was one of the best performers throughout her years of attendance.  Despite the linguistic and cultural challenges that Daniella Yuna faced, she became one of the star students in her school. 

Daniella’s mother was a successful production set designer for MBC, SBS, and KBS, some top broadcasting networks in South Korea. As a result, Daniella spent a lot of her tender years around television and film studio sets in Seoul, South Korea. This is in fact one of the reasons why she went on to study at the Lee Strasberg Institute of Theatre and Film in West Hollywood and completed the 2-Year Conservatoire. There, she won scholarships. Upon graduation, she received a work permit and a chance to appear on national television. She appeared on The Real Daytime Show produced by FOX. However, at the time when things had just started to look up a tragic event stormed her home and family, which abruptly caused her to lose everything that was dear to her heart. 

Life after the unfortunate incident was tough. She revealed that she was on the verge of homelessness many times, but things turned around once more when she got the opportunity to intern at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland due to her knowledge of English and French. This experience optimally sparked her interest in becoming an international humanitarian and human rights lawyer. However, her dream was met with a myriad of challenges; from finding ways to pay her own tuition to juggle many part-time gigs and studies. Ever so resourceful, she found a way by continuing her education at the heart of politics, Washington DC. She went on to graduate with Magna Cum Laude at the Catholic University of American, majored in International Relations, and minor in French. During her senior year, as one of the first international students, she got the opportunity to work for House of Commons in the United Kingdom, as a parliamentary assistant for Dr. Lisa Cameron MP, who is a champion of Rights of Disability. 

Despite working hard to achieve her goals, Daniella Yuna counts herself lucky and wants to give back to the community her best which is the essence of resilience. According to her, it is simply to have faith and hope. “It may take longer, but you will accomplish the good if we have hope,” she says. “I also think it is imperative to create a support committee for yourself to endure hate comments and betrayals along the course of life, or simply to share joyful moments.” Daniella Yuna’s quest to become a lawyer is inspired by her urge to defend the helpless like refugees, girls, and politically persecuted human rights activists in marginalized countries. She also is deeply committed to improving the rights of religious freedom in the world. “Faith and hope are beacons of my dark nights,” she said.

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