Entrepreneur Phenom Stays Ahead Of The Curve By Launching Project To Enhance Mindsets While Sleeping

March 12 21:15 2021

DURHAM, N.C. – To combat feelings of inadequacy and discouragement from 2020, the rising entrepreneur, Phillip “Phenom” Robinson is releasing a sleep affirmation project on March 31st, 2021 to positively influence individuals’ mindsets.

2020 was a year full of obstacles and negativity. Many people were left discouraged due to growing unemployment, family members that have fallen ill and lack of opportunities to leave the house. All of these aspects can negatively impact an individual’s mindset.

In efforts to encourage and motivate his audience, Phenom explored different methods to influence individuals’ ways of thinking. From research, he discovered that listening to positive affirmations while sleeping is proven to impact the subconscious mind.

“It’s helped me be more comfortable and confident in what I’m doing,” Phenom explains. He had some of his mentees try sleeping to affirmations and they found it beneficial. Now he wants to expand this method to his audience and others as well.

According to clinical hypnotherapist, Fiona Brennan, she states it is possible to “rewire our brains, alter our thoughts, perceptions and experiences, and change a negative mindset into a positive one.” While meditation can also be used to influence mindset and attitude, Brennan suggests that this practice can potentially help treat individuals with anxiety, stress, low mood and other common mental health issues.

A positive mindset is often a key to escaping present trials and tribulations. It is proven that listening to affirmations while a person is sleeping can have a positive impact on  their psyche. Other positive effects include an increased amount of energy and a heightened sense of productivity.

Phenom’s project consists of an audio track that plays serene music and reads positive affirmations aloud. Listeners are expected to play the track on repeat while sleeping. The affirmations on the audio track have an impact on the subconscious mind.

In order to reach Phenom and access his sleep affirmation project, it can be listened to on  Apple Music and Spotify under ‘Next Level Sleeping’.

Content written by: Kennedy Parkins; [email protected]

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