Fenan Aluminum shares the Opening up at a higher level

March 12 17:16 2021

In the just-passed year of 2020, China has successfully dealt with the severe impact brought by the COVID-19 epidemic, adhered to a higher level of opening-up, stabilized the basic level of foreign trade and foreign investment, and made new breakthroughs in multilateral and bilateral economic and trade relations. A survey by the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China showed that 62 percent of EU companies in China expressed their willingness to increase investment.In the face of adverse economic globalization and other external conditions, China has become a “haven” for global investment with its abundant human resources, large domestic market, relatively complete industrial system and other long-term advantages, as well as policy support such as stable investment, stable foreign trade and promotion of consumption.

Over the years, China has adhered to the basic state policy of opening to the outside world, better combined “bringing in” and “going global”, expanded the opening field, optimized the opening structure, and improved the opening quality, which has provided a solid foundation for enterprises of all walks of life to “go global”.The non-ferrous industry resolutely implements the national “going global” strategy, and its enterprises operate in more than 100 countries all over the world. It has become the practitioner and practitioner of Chinese enterprises’ successful “going global” and implementation of the national “One Belt And One Road” initiative.

Just in the past year, we have successfully signed the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), concluded negotiations on the China-EU Investment Agreement on schedule, and signed the “One Belt And One Road” cooperation plan between China and the African Union. China’s share of global foreign investment has increased by a large amount…China has demonstrated to the world its confidence and determination in opening up.Therefore, “Fourteenth Five-Year” planning proposals clearly put forward “adhere to the implementation of a wider range, wider areas, deeper level of opening to the outside world” will become this year’s two sessions of another big focus, is also the non-ferrous industry should grasp the development of the “vane”.


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